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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I got out of my lab a bit early, and wanted to come back to a peaceful room to post my lunch, get a bit of planning done and have dinner. Well, I just started getting hungry (my lara bar held me well!) and there have been people in and out of my room literally since I walked in... so I've been a bit distracted!
I need to get some focus though, I'm meeting my friend for coffee/tea later so thats a couple hours away from planning/packing/working... and I have TONS to do before the weekend! I'm such a busy girl!

My packed lunch was very yummy today; here is it last night while I was preparing it:

A whole wheat wrap with about 3 tbsp hummus, some spinach, red bell pepper, cucumber and a few slices onion! I also had some baby carrots and a small plum.

Kept me full through chem, and I snacked on an apple pie larabar before my lab... more distillation this time, but we were pretty efficient so we got out at 4:30! I'm about ready to go make my dinner now, so expect another post soon! =)

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VeggieGirl said...

I had an apple pie Larabar today too! :0D