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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble Good!

Wow was today a fun filled day of food and family! I cooked all morning, making 2 sides- brussels sprouts with grapes and brussels sprouts sauteed with caramelized shallots. Everyone loved both versions!

I snacked on an apple before we left, and we were off around noontime, arriving at my Aunt's house about 1. We stood around and chatted for a bit- there were some appetizers, I had 2 crackers- 1 with a small dip of spinach dip and 1 with some cheese. I also snagged a couple olives because they're my favorite!
Started with a salad and 1/2 a roll:

Then the real eating began! As I mentioned, I had an eating contest with my cousin. We were neck-in-neck and plate for plate the entire time. One full plate at dinner, plus extras on sides:

Then a packed full dessert plate...

We ate SO MUCH we both decided we should just call it a tie!!
Here was the last treat of the night:

My pie was a hit, and overall it was a great time with family! They loved Nick, so that was a plus!

Sorry for the quick post, but I need to do some last minute packing before I head in for an early night's sleep- we're leaving around 5 am for our 10.5 hour trip up to Sarnia! Breakfast will most likely be coffee, fruit and a clif bar- lunch will be packed leftovers.

Sweating off the stuffing

Well, not quite... but I did burn a whole lot of calories this morning at the mini spin class I took! I woke up bright and early, got my spandex on, chowed down 1/2 a clif bar and headed to the Y to meet my mom for spin. It was a 30 minute class, but she ended up going 35 minutes. I worked SO hard, and sweated SO hard, it felt great to get some real activity in before eating so much!

Speaking of food, last night I snacked on a bowl of leftover fruit while chopping chocolate and baking my bourbon pecan pie.

Here it is right out of the oven:

and I had a couple treats...
grab 1-

grab 2-

and done.
No licking the pie bowl, too many raw ingredients, but it was tempting! I also spent an hour slicing, chopping, trimming and scoring my brussels sprouts, grapes, onions, shallots, and setting up my whole kitchen for the a.m.! All while watching Top Chef- my kind of prep night!

Back to this a.m.... they had a HUGE array of thanksgiving themed breakfast foods out at the Y, so I had to snag a small sliver of cranberry bread before I left. I also grabbed a small coffee with a splash of skim milk at Starbucks to wake me up (not that spin didn't!) and now I'm about to make myself a huge healthy smoothie to get me through the morning! Have a GREAT thanksgiving guys, I'll post my days eats and indulgences later on tonight!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Simplicity at it's best

Today was sooo relaxing. I really needed it!
I made myself a late lunch before I headed to the gym- a toasted ham & swiss sammie made with 4 slices (extra protein power!) honey ham, 1 light laughing cow, spinach and dijon mustard on an Arnold's whole wheat sandwich thin. I heated it up in the toaster oven for the ultimate toasty sammie! I also had a big honey crisp apple on the side.

Afterwards I went to the gym where I attempted my usual routine but had to cut my strength a bit short- the gym was so packed I could hardly move in the weight area! I got in 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical and 20 minutes of arm work.
I showered and headed out to pick up my sister and her boy Tom- he's such an amazing kid- only 15 and he's lived in Italy,Holland and 3 states in the US! So I spent about an hour at Starbucks (he'd never been and quite enjoyed his caramel macchiato!) chatting with him so I can profile him for my writing class! My sister's a lucky girl, he's a great guy! =) My afternoon snack was one of my holiday time favorites- a grande nonfat gingersnap latte! Mmm, sweet and full of enough protein to keep me going through the evening!

Dropped my sister off, accepted this caramel candy from my sister's pumpkin/caramel cake supply stash and headed home.

Of course when I got home I was starving and I didn't want to whip out anything new because I'm leaving early on Friday and don't want leftovers to spoil in the fridge! So I cooked up a simple, yet incredibly tasty and filling dish. Second to stirfrys, the easiest college-student staple I could think of was pasta, sauce, protein. In my case I healthified the usual hot-dog, white pasta, alfredo combo (oh yes, I've seen it done) and opted for whole wheat rotini with some pan seared salt & pepper shrimp (frozen so I could ration out a single portion!), 1/2 cup sweet basil tomato sauce and the last of the leftover steamed green beans on the side. I made 1 cup dry pasta, and it made a HUGE filling serving! Of course I ate every bite because it was just so darn good =)

Ok, blog friends- here's the deal- I have a couple things I need to discuss with y'all.

#1- Turkey Day
I mentioned in my FAQs post that I was participating in an eating contest of sorts on Thanksgiving. I have to admit, this is true. I don't usually agree to such unhealthy practices, but I figure it's one time, it's for fun and I will for sure forfeit if it gets too out of hand! As tiny as I am, I eat a lot. Portion control has always been one of my biggest struggles because I'm literally a bottomless pit. I used to say the only person that could out eat me was my dad, Nick proved this wrong... but they're pretty much the only two guys who can eat more than me! Generally I choose to eat until I'm 80% full- usually this holds me over enough I don't go overboard. Every once in a while though I need something else! In a discussion on holiday indulging my cousin, joking with me about my healthy habits claimed she could eat more than me because I'm so small. I said she surely could not, I love my food! So she had the fun idea to have an eating contest on Turkey day and see who can really put the food away! Like I said, if I feel too full or I'm 3 plates in and not feeling too great I'll stop. I'm not crazy! But I'm just giving ya the heads up that sometimes my competitive side gets the best of me!
I AM going to a spin class at 8 in the morning to pre-burn some stuffing calories and I plan on eating very healthy on the way to Canada Friday!

That brings me to discussion #2...

#2- Canada
As I've mentioned in passing, bright and early Friday morning I'm taking the 10.5 hour ride up to Ontario with the boy to surprise his parents for the weekend. (Yes, I'm meeting the parents... gulp). First off, I will not have my laptop with me because it's too much of a hassle to bring my converter, etc- and I won't have the internet so there's really no point. Second, since I've never met his family before, I haven't decided whether or not it'll be a good idea to whip out the camera before I take a bite of the delicious food they prepare me... If we go out, I'll photograph. But if we're just at home, I might not feel comfortable opening the blog conversation. But, we'll see. If they seem like they'd be cool with it or if Nick mentions it, then I'll try! If not, I promise I will be back on Monday with a full descriptive re-cap on my Canadian adventures!!

Hope you all understand!
Off to do some more Thanksgiving prep! I'm so excited it's only 14 hours away!!

Sleeping in

Ahh, what a life... I woke up this morning, made myself a hot cup of tea, had a delicious bowl of oats and went back to bed.

This bowl contained- 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup nonfat soy, 1/2 cup water, a spoonful of PB, a few raisins and a big banana. Drizzled with maple syrup, it hit the spot!

I had fun hanging out with my boys last night... of course I just got over saying how I feel more "controlled" with food and then this happened:

My FAVORITE m&ms of all time, Mint chocolate I could not resist- I tried only taking 2 or 3 at a time and savoring them, but I was snacking on them for a while so I'm pretty sure I got a few small handfuls of them.
I try to keep the everyday treats in moderation around the holidays so I can indulge more on big days, but every once in a while I slip- I'm human, with a biiigggg sweet tooth!

I'm off to lazy around a bit more before I head over to the gym and then I have an afternoon interview with my sister's boyfriend, Tom for a project I'm doing! More on that later!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You asked, I answered- again!

I've been getting a lot of similar emails lately, so I figured a new FAQ post was in order!

FAQ’s Part 2


Have you noticed any changes in your body from your increased strength training?
I have. I can definitely see the definition in my arms, my waist is a bit slimmer, and I have gained 1 lb in muscle, and lost 2% body fat from when I came back from Italy. Needless to say I’m very pleased with the results thus far!

What is your current exercise routine?
Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 30-40 minutes cardio on elliptical (light hills)
Tuesday/Thursday- 30 minutes cardio (treadmill running/walking), legs/abs
Saturday- Cardio (running or walking)
Sunday- rest day, or light exercise- yoga or walking


How has your body reacted to the extra meat?
It has actually taken the change much better than expected! I feel great, I’m never starving like I was often when I was a veggie (I attribute this to the extra protein!) and I have a lot more energy. I definitely think this was a good choice!

Will you ever be a vegetarian again?
I’m not sure. At this point, I’m saying no because I’ve learned that in order to function properly, my body physically needs a large amount of protein. I believe everyone should do what they feel is best for their body, and this feels good for me!

How often do you drink wine?
I drink wine a few times a week, probably 2-3 times (usually when Nick comes to dinner I’ll have a glass or maybe two- but generally never more). I got into the habit of having a nice glass of wine in with dinner in Italy! It definitely complements the taste of food! I love wine and I truly believe everything is ok in moderation, and wine is even better because I prefer red and it’s chock-full of antioxidants!

Do you still feel you have any control issues when it comes to food?
I have my moments, where I feel like I make decisions about snacking or sweets when not thinking, but I am a LOT better than I was. I hardly ever feel I get “out of control” and eat waaayyy too much, or go too overboard in any one area or portion size. As I say frequently, I strive for balance and so far I’ve been pretty balanced!

The boy:

I have received a remarkable amount of questions about my new boy! This is funny to me because I debated every mentioning him, but I figured I already mention my other friends, my roommate, so why not talk about him every now and again!
Now, I’m pretty open online, but I’m not going to tell you guys a lot about him, because he knows I mention him, but honestly I don’t think he wants me posting details about him online! So I’ll try and answer most of your questions this way:
All you really need to know is, his name is Nick, he’s a Kinesiology major so he’s a great exercise reference, we’ve been together about 3 months and yes, he’s from Canada.
No, there’s no wedding in the making (it’s only been 3 months!), yes he’s very cute and I’m not sure about the possibility of a guest blog. I guess I’ll have to ask him!


Did I hear something about a major change?
Yes, I changed my major! I decided that I need to pursue exactly what I want to pursue- my passion is in food and fitness, not consultation, food management or research. So I officially swictched from Dietetics to Nutrition with a minor in Kinesiology. I feel this is the perfect path for me, because in the future I hope to use both my education in kinesiology to do some personal training as well as my education in foods through culinary school. I feel much more focused, I know this is the direction I want to be heading in!

Will you do a demo video?
Hmm, I might! I’m a bit camera shy and you have to promise not to make fun of my funny voice (at least I think it’s funny!)… and I have to see if one of my boys will film it for me without distracting me ;) But it might be a fun project over winter break.
What would you guys like to see? A recipes, exercises?

What is Nutrition Club?
Nutrition Club is a club at my University started by Nutrition majors; but its anyone who's interested in nutrition! Our goal is basically to spread nutrition around campus and the community; we volunteer around RI, set up nutrition tables and events on campus, and have meetings where we discuss planning these and new nutrition findings, sometimes we try new products... its a lot of fun!

What magazines do you read?
My favorites include Self, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Oxygen, Cooking Light and Cosmo!

What are your favorite “holiday foods”?
I like a lot of the “classics”- green bean casserole, my dad’s fab cranberry sauce, my mom’s fantastic broccoli bake (I look forward to this every year!), and stuffing- my uncle makes this awesome stuffing I’m actually excited to have this year because I haven’t had it the last few years of thanksgiving I was a veggie! And, of course- dessert! Honestly, I am HORRIBLE with moderation over the holidays. My opinion is if you eat healthy 90% of the time, you can have a few days over the holidays to indulge to your hearts desire! This thanksgiving, I’ve actually been challenged to a fun eating contest, but more on that later!
As for me, I LOVE to cook and bake as you all know, and I make a great side that I bring every year- Sauteed brussels sprouts with grapes, which I’m bringing again- but two versions this year, I’m trying something new! I’m also baking a Bourbon Pecan Pie with a chocolate drizzle for dessert! Yum!

Better and better

This day, no this week keeps getting better and better!
I am so ridiculously happy with life right now! =)

This afternoon I headed to the gym where I did a great steady 25 minute run on the treadmill with 5 minute inclined walk and a 5 minute cooldown for a total of 35 minutes of cardio. I followed this with some weighted lunges, hamstring drops and squats to work my legs.

After I had a refreshing shower I headed to school where class was easy as pie- no work, just listening to presentations! Some of them were quite interesting as well, so it wasn't even painful to sit through! hehe

Despite the yucky weather, I trekked up to do a bit of studying and have my snack while waiting for my next class. I snacked on a Rachel's yogurt and this tiny packet of pretzels leftover from my mom's halloween basket- it was just enough to hold me a few hours!

Then I headed up to my Writing class... which only took 5 minutes because the professor was out, so we just got our work and walked out!! I called my roommate to come pick me up and was home in a jiffy!

Once home, I made myself SUCH a fabulous dinner- all using up stuff I had in the fridge!
I made myself a delicious Fritatta with Pancetta, Spinach and Tomatoes. I pan fried the pancetta quickly in some cooking spray, chopped my veggies and let them wilt in with the meat. Then I mixed 1/2 cup egg whites with a couple tbsp 1% milk and a dash of pepper (no salt needed, the pancetta is salty enough!), let this set on the stove before topping it with about 1/4 cup Reduced-Fat Italian blend cheese, and broiled it until perfection! On the side I had a toasted Arnold's sandwich thin (can't get enough of these!) and a few leftover steamed green beans.

Holy WOW was this meal good!!
I have NOTHING to do tonight, well- there are things I could do, but I got some done during the day and I like having the luxury of having nights to relax! I think maybe a movie and some red wine with the boy are calling my name... sounds like a fantastic night!

I'm off to finish your FAQs before I start relaxing! Have a great night!

Two to go

Only two more classes and I'm free for 5 whole days!!
I slept in a bit this morning before making myself my usual Tuesday breakfast- a big smoothie.
I don't have many frozen berries left, so today I added a tropical twist to my usual combo using 1/2 cup frozen mango and 1/2 cup fresh berries, a cup of nonfat soy, a scoop of protein powder and a big banana. Make 1.5 cups I drank all up, while checking my emails! I also had a bite of the last pumpkin cookie I thought might still be good. Stale. blech.

I did a bit of early studying for my lab practical next week, and got some stuff done around the house before making my lunch a few hours later. I'm trying to use up what we have here in the house, so I made myself a hot wrap using 1/2 cup refried black beans we had in the fridge along with a drizzle of sriracha hot sauce for spice.

On the side I had 1/2 cup (regular, not whipped) cottage cheese with a yummy pink lady apple.

Filled me up, and now I'm headed to the gym for a workout before I head to Kinesiology (no work, just presentations!) and writing a couple hours later... I'm actually excited to hear about the next part of our project so hopefully it won't be too bad!

Dinner tonight will probably be a quick one, I get home late again... but I'll get my rest eventually- I'm definitely sleeping in tomorrow!

Hopefully later on I'll be able to post the next set of FAQs that I've had emailed to me. If not tonight, then tomorrow so if you have anything else to ask just jot me a comment or an email (!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Smell of success

My house smelled fantastic with the wafting of this baby on the stove:

Kristin's home made turkey chili, try 2! I made this one a bit spicy, but Nick and I both agreed we liked the spiciness of the first one better! I made a couple changes to the recipe, including corn and a thicker base- that I'll post soon!
I had a big bowl of it along with a piece of a multigrain loaf smeared with some smart balance. Delicious! My recipe made 5.5 HUGE bowfuls, so I have some in the freezer right now for speedy meals next week!

I got lots done this afternoon- some studying, I finished both my writing and Kinesiology, did some thanksgiving planning and had an overall productive day, I love that!

I had a snack around 3 while I was making the chili- 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese along with some fresh berries.

I still felt hungry though, so I had a handful of nuts and this was just enough to hold me the afternoon!

Since I got so much done I can veg on the couch and hang out until Heroes comes on!!

Over and done with

Menu project turned in- check.
Last Anatomy exam before final- check.
Bank run (x2)- check.
Search for warm winter hat (success!)- check.
Last minute supplies for Dinner/Thanksgiving- check.
Phew. What a load off of my shoulders.

Got everything I needed to get done before I came home today- all before 1 pm!!
Now I can get started on finishing up my work for the week- my Anatomy professor announced there was no class on Wednesday, on top of no class in Nutrition, so I am OFFICIALLY off on Wednesday- I only have tomorrow to worry about before I'm free for the weekend!! (Aside from Lab/Nutrition studying)

This morning I headed to the gym for my usual Monday morning workout. I wanted to see if I could squeeze in 2 more reps of each exercise easily, in order to move up to 12 lbs once December starts, which was my goal- I made it! It was a breeze doing two more of each, except for the fact it took longer and I had to cut the last part of my strength a bit short! I still did 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength.
Morning eats included the usual fare- 1/2 a clif before, cereal, 0% chobani and banana afterwards.

I grabbed a coffee with a splash of skim before class to give me some pre-exam energy, and then whizzed through my exam (it went ok! fingers crossed!) before heading off campus to do my errands. While out and about I ate my packed lunch- a new sammie combo- 3 slices honey ham, with a light laughing cow, spinach and djon on an Arnold's sandwich thin. LOVED this combo!!

I also had a huge Honey Crisp apple on the side.

Time to crack down and finish up my work for tomorrow! Plans for today besides work include making a planned leftovers meal (so I can have something to eat next week when I have no chance to shop during the weekend!), some laundry and early thanksgiving prep! Lots to do, I love how busy I am- with no big stressors wearing me down!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pucks and Pizza!

What a great way to end my weekend!
I woke up (semi) early this morning to get ready for work. I'm thinking I need to re-proclaim my Sunday mornings as "sleep in" (as in, 7:30am) mornings because lately I've had late weekends and I'm so exhausted by Sunday just the thought of getting up early to exercise, even just for yoga is way too painful. My mind, and my body need rest to start my week. So, when I have the time I'll work out after work, but today I just made sure I was active at work (I was! Running around putting up signs 4.5/6 hours I was there!) and that will be my activity for the day today.
For breakfast I had my fave smoothie (1.5 cups of what's pictured) made the usual way.

For food I packed the usual work fare- almonds for a snack, chili, carrots and an apple for my lunch break.

These (plus 1 more) also happened to slip in my mouth at work- mint christmas nougats! I love these! I can't resist little bits of christmas candy, it's far too good- but I try to portion it out! 1 serving of these is 5, so 3 isn't too bad ;)

My extra morning rest was worth it. Work went smoothly, and went by pretty fast and then afterwards I hopped in the car and my dad drove up t Providence so we could go to the Providence Bruins game!
In the car on the way there I had my afternoon snack- 1/2 cup 1% whipped cottage cheese.

It was so much fun, I drank a medium French Vanilla Dunkin' Donuts coffee throughout the game, and then after my dad treated me to a spinach pie at Casserta's Pizzeria! Mmm! I had mine with cheese and dipped in in some hot marinara sauce- the best way, in my opinion!

I'm back home now, finishing up some last minute work before I head to bed and get some more rest for my busy next two days! I'm very excited to get Monday & Tuesday over with, because Wednesday I have NO CLASS and then Thursday is my 3rd favorite holiday (after Halloween and Christmas!) in which I am going to spend the morning cooking and the afternoon eating (what could be better?!?) and then Friday I'm off bright and early to go to Canada with the boy!! So excited!!

'See' y'all tomorrow!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tastes and tidbits

Today was a little bit of everything- I left my house a little late this morning so I just took a nice walk on the treadmill- 4.0mph pace at a 10% incline when I got to my house.
Afterwards I showered and snacked on this apple on the way to go shopping:

We spent about an hour and a half in VS (got some new bras and undies! whoo!) and then headed to Whole Foods for lunch and Thanksgiving shopping!
While I was browsing the food I spotted this sample of wild grain stuffing with mushroom gravy I had to try-


My lunch was a mish mosh of a lot- grilled veggies, a few pieces of tofu, seitan, a bit of salmon salad, a couple noodle salads and a dumpling.

I found pretty much everything I needed, as well as couple Italian dessert samples- amaretto cake and a fruit/nut cake bite!

Shopping and tasting, so much fun!!

We headed back home and I got started on a couple hours of studying before making dinner.
While I was studying I felt a bit snacky, so I grabbed a few dried apricots and a plain chobani with cinnamon.

Dinner was fab! I made my mom and sister Jenna's Chicken Piccata, as well as baked a couple HUGE sweet potatoes we split and topped with smart balance, and some delicious roasted purple cauliflower- not only was it tasty but it was fun to eat because purple is one of my favorite colors!!

I just got back to my place, and dug into 1/2 of this bottle:

Nothing extra, just pure apple cider goodness! I was craving something sweet and when I saw this at W.F. I knew it would be a great treat! I gave my sister half so I would just have one portion and warmed the rest.

Now I'm watching one of my favorite movies, Across the Universe and settling down for a while tonight. I may do some more studying, but I'm pretty exhausted!


Bam bam ba bam ba bam bam ba bam...

"I wanna be sedated...."


(Tall skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte)

and a very loud car-karaoke session blasting my alltime favorite 70's punk band, The Ramones... (Another Dad pass-along love!)

was exactly what I needed to get through my afternoon.
With out them, I'm pretty sure I would have had a mental breakdown.
Ok, not so extreme... BUT I was pretty pissed when I left school.

It was a loooong day, and the last class of the day- the one I posted about right before taking it... is usually 20-45 minutes- yesterday it was 1 hour, 45 minutes. And it gets better. It was all analyzing statistics.
Yea. I don't think I could actually say I was ever bored to tears before, but yesterday I was so annoyed and anxious to get off of campus after 6 hours, I was literally ready to cry.

But enough of my sob story. Class ended, I ran to my car (yes, ran.) Cashed my check at the bank, grabbed a latte and immediately called Nick to vent... he actually didn't even understand me the first time I told him how much my day "sucked"... (I won't go into the profanities I used... Generally I'm a pretty eloquent speaker, but when I get tired and annoyed... you never know what might come out of my mouth!) because I was talking so fast. So after a couple "wait what?"s, I explained I was exhausted and really didn't want to make dinner.

Sooo he told me to come over to his place and he'd make me dinner! What a great guy =)
He made pan seared chicken in a bit of oil and his secret ingredient canadian beer (yea, even his beer is Canadian) with a whole bunch of seasonings, and he threw it on top of some rotini in a light alfredo sauce with some micro steamed veggies on the side. It was very tasty! The chicken was the star of the dish- I'm always cooking all the time, who knew he could cook? I may just have to "not feel like cooking" another time soon... ;)

I felt much better after dinner, a talk on the phone with my best friend and a couple sips of that beer... Then a bit later we headed out to his friend's party which was COLD as all get out but a lot of fun! So we were out pretty late, but I still woke up bright and early this morning!
I made exactly what I was craving this morning- two flaxplus waffles topped with 1/2 cup 1% whipped cottage cheese and a dollop of raspberry preserves on each one. MMm, hot, sweet and creamy!

I also had a very ripe banana that was luckily still not too squishy!

I have some serious end-of-week de-stressing shopping to do (Whole Foods and Victoria's Secret! Is it weird my favorite things to shop for are food and underwear?? hehe) before I hit the books and continue studying this evening! I'm spending the day with my mom and then back home, just because I can and I'm going to make my mom and sister dinner as well!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Playing around

I'm having a lot of fun here in the Woodward Computer Lab!!
For my Computer Applications in Nutrition class, we were assigned to analyze a recipe using one of the nutrition programs we used. Well, I decided to use one of my own recipes and see how it measured up!
Kristin's home made turkey chili (try 1; 5 servings)-
Calories: 353 (awesome for chili!)
Total Fat: 9.2 grams (this is a bit inaccurate; its actually less because I used lean ground turkey and the program only had regular!
Saturated Fat: 2.4 grams (low!)
Protein: 29.2 grams!!

I got so excited after finding out the info on this recipe, I decided to enter my Maple Pumpkin Walnut Muffins and I was surprised to find they only contain 196 calories, 6.5 grams of (healthy!) fat each- NO saturated fat! Whoo! What a great recipe, better than I had estimated!

How cool is that? If I have time after I finish my work I'll try out some more!

Less shocking

I hope I didn't shock anyone with my post last night... I'm a big advocate that I'll "try anything once..." (and if I like it, twice!) so it was just a fun epicurean experience.

Today my eat are a lot less crazy... going with the basics for pre-workout and brekkie; 1/2 a clif bar to fuel me though 1/2 hr cardio and 1/2 hr weights, then a 0% Chobani, 1 cup oatmeal squares and banana for the car to school.

This morning I was excited to pick up my Bruins tickets for Sunday night... if I haven't mentioned I'm a big hockey fan (thanks to dad!) so we're going to a game together on Sunday evening after I work... should be fun, its been a while since I've been to a game!

I only have one class this morning- Food Management (coming down to the wire on our menu projects!!), and Anatomy was canceled (whoo!) so I'll be spending a few hours studying for my exam in the library before my computer class.
I packed an easy sammie for lunch- still using what I have in the house so I don't leave anything perishable for 4 days next weekend!
Three slices honey ham, 1 slice reduced fat cheddar, dijon mustard and spinach on an Arnold's sandwich thin, carrots and a pear.

For a small snack I grabbed a Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie!

Not sure what my plans are for this evening's food... I'm running some errands after school and then later in the night I'm going to a party with Nick so it may be takeout again... we'll see!

HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY! One week from now and I'll be on my way out of the country!