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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where did my pictures go??

I am NOT a happy blogger right now!
I took pictures of EVERYTHING I ate today... and once I plugged them into the computer they all disappeared! I even checked to make sure they would be there! WHAT?!?!

Ugh. I'm so exhausted, and so not excited this happened.

Anyways... I guess I'll recap my day, picture-less.

I woke up bright and early and had 1/2 a pb chocolate clif bar, and went on a great 25 minute run before getting ready for the day.
For breakfast I used my last bit of Jay Robb protein powder (tear) to make my fave choco-banana berry smoothie with the usual proportions; 3/4 cup frozen mixed berries, a big banana, 1 cup soy milk and a scoop of chocolate powder.

It held me over for 3 good hours until I snacked on the other half of my clif bar mid morning.

For lunch I packed a turkey sammie; two slices organic turkey, a garlic/herb laughing cow cheese wedge, spinach and 2 pickles on ezekiel bread. On the side I ate a HUGE peach (as big as the last monster one!!).

This held me through the rest of work and class, but I was STARVING when I got out of Kinesiology, and I knew it would be a while until I was able to get to my snack I packed. So, I resorted to the vending machine. I do NOT usually do this. But today, I felt it was needed, I was going crazy! I ended up chosing a Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond bar; it was that or animal crackers- and I ate 1/2, it was super sweet. Tasty, but not what I'd usually have for a snack. It was good for the 1/2 an hour I waited to eat my real snack- a vanilla 0% chobani.

Class was long, and tiring. When I got home, I wanted food and I wanted it THEN. All day I was daydreaming of mexican food... so I chose the quickest, tastiest option next to home-cooked I could think of for free- I grabbed an Amy's Tamale Verde meal out of the freezer, microwaved it, and paired it with some extra salsa for spice and a cupful of baby carrots to round out the meal. Exactly what I wanted, it was easy and hit the spot!

Phew. I'm so glad the school portion of my day is over. I still have a bunch to do, but I get to settle down soon.

**I'm still so P.O.ed about those pics! Where the heck did they go?!?**

Edited to add: I did have dessert tonight; 1/2 cup Coconut non-dairy ice cream! Yum!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Since it's already 5:45 p.m. Monday and I haven't posted since lunch on Sunday, I decided a quick post from the University Library was in order while I wait for my classmates to get here before I complete the last part of my long day here on campus- my writing group meeting.

Yesterday afternoon I headed to work around 2:30, and snacked on a Chocolate Cashew Blanace Pure bar to hold me until dinner.

I spent the afternoon studying, and making a big batch of Jenna's delicious Chunky Lentil soup. I took one portion to work, saved one for a friend, saved one for later in the week and froze the other two! It was delicious! Filling and just spicy enough with the hint of cayenne and chili powder. On the side of my soup (really it was a stew!) I had some whole wheat crackers and a light cheese stick.

After work, I planned on meeting up with Nick for gelato, and much to my surprise when I got out of work, Danielle, Laura, Catherine, Bill and Don were all outside waiting for me! They had no idea I was meeting Nick, I think he was a bit confused... but I ended up saying hi to everyone before we headed to the Podhead. I had a delicious new flavor- Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and he had strawberry lemon sorbetto. (I tried a bite- yum!) We shared a regular size because it's so huge and I wasn't in the mood for that much gelato.

I slept well that night, I still sound horrible but I am feeling 150% better!!
I woke up bright and early to pack my lunch and hike to the gym, in the rain again. I had a great workout- 30 minutes on the elliptical doing light hills, and 10 minutes fast on the bike. Then I spent about 20 minutes doing trcieps, biceps and lats. I felt so awesome afterwards! I'm so glad I'm back to normal. All I needed was a bit Vitamin C and a whole lot of sleep to cure me!

For my packed breakfast I had a granola to go, a 0% plain chobani and a banana.

My snacks today were 1/2 a pb clif bar pre-workout, and a Pure Protein bar for the afternoon.

Lunch was really yummy! I made a tuna wrap using a 3-oz pouch of tuna mixed with 1 tbsp nayonaisse, 1 tsp dijon mustard, a squirt of lemon juice and about 1 tbsp black olives withs some spinach in a whole wheat wrap. On the side I had some carrot sticks and an apple. This held me over all afternoon, until I had my bar right before lab.

For dinner tonight I was "forced" to eat on campus, because I have no place to heat up food and I really wasn't in the mood for a pb&j for dinner. So, I went to my favorite place on campus- anyone remember? International Pockets! I got the baked falafel pocket with medium hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, onions, tabbouleh, banana peppers, hummus and a bit of feta. I ate every laste bite, and the tiny piece of honey-drenched baklava they gave me on the house! Mmmm mmm, how I love my middle eastern food! This should hold me over all night!

I'm hoping not to get out of here too late... I still have work to do, and I would like to see both the boy and the best friend tonight... we'll see how long this meeting goes.

And for dessert... back at home, my stomach started growling- so I had my fave healthy wram dessert- a poached pear of course!

Night all!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I've had a pretty productive morning already! I got some anatomy studying done, put on a face mask to soothe my exhausted skin, and exercised. I completed my Kinesiology Lab, by timing myself running 1.5 miles. It was a little tough today, seeing as it was raining and I'm still sick! But I made it in 12 minutes, so I think the tests should come out ok. When I came back home (I ran 15 minutes in total) I did 20 minutes of yoga before getting super hungry, so I made my lunch.
Lunch was quick and tasty- an Amy's California Burger on an Ezekiel english muffin, with spinach, ketchup, honey mustard and a slice of reduced fat provolone. Never disappoints!

On the side I had a monster-sized peach, which was incredibly tasty!!

I'm totally full now, and ready for some cooking and more studying in the next couple of hours before work.

Feelin' better, soundin' worse

Well I feel a whole lot better, but my throat is SO scratchy, I hardly have a voice!! I started off the morning with a warm breakfast, and now I'm working on guzzling water to try and soothe it!
My breakfast was another warm favorite; 3/4 cup exekiel cereal with 1 cup hemp milk, warmed and topped with banana chunks. They're not all rounds because there was a funky spot on the banana I had to cut off! Still tasted good =)

Now I'm about to get started on my very lonnnng to-do list... all before work at 3pm again!! At least I got Friday off this week to relax, as I do next week. Makes the weekends much easier to handle!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orchard Harvest

Home again!
Tonight at work wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. It was a long night, but it went by fast.
I have some funny pictures of my food... I lost the picture of the Kashi roll bar (chocolate turtle) I ate for a snack, and then the dinner I brought- a can of soup, got pushed aside when my supervisor, Kristi wanted Panera Bread for dinner.
I knew exactly what I wanted; my favorite fall salad- the Orchard Harvest salad! It has field greens, gorgonzola, pecans, dried cranberries and pear. I also added all-natural chicken breast for some added protein. It was soooo good! I only used about 1/2 the cherry dressing (about 1 tbsp), all the greens/chicken/pear, and saved about 1/2 the pecans, and a bit of cheese. I also had a piece of a whole grain baguette on the side. I love huge salads, this filled me up and made me feel great!

(I didn't have my camera, so this is from my phone!)

I'm back home now, relaxing and I'm about to go watch Sex and the City, which I just bought, along with some tea and coconut non-dairy icecream to soothe my throat! I love relaxing!!

Edited to add: The movie was great, of course! I had a small bowl of coconut ice cream:

and then I dug into the candy corn bowl for a dip, but didn't go too far so that was good!

Easy Eggy day

I kind of lazied around the parents' house this morning. I'm feeling much better, but still not completely better so it was nice to just hang around. I did get a couple things done... paid some bills, exercised- 45 minutes on a 10% incline, fast walking pace on the treadmill watching Grey's. After my walk I had an organic blueberry nonfat yogurt I found at the house:

After showering and saying bye I headed to the grocery store for a quick shop. I picked up a couple more bars, some tofu, and some soup for my throat.

I also got some fruit- bananas, apples, pears, peaches and some veggies-butternut squash and onion for soup and a sweet potato.

I still have a lot stocked up in the house so I should be good for the week!
When I got home I was more than ready for lunch. I decided to use some of the ingredients we have here at the house, but I wanted eggs, so I decided to make myself a mexi-egg wrap, using 1 full egg and 1 white, a small handful black beans, a sprinkle mexican cheese blend, topped with a bunch of salsa and a bit of sour cream on a whole wheat wrap. YUM! I don't know why I didn't think to put two of my favorites- spicy food and eggs, together! I will be making this again for sure!

I had it with an apple and it filled me right up!

I work at two today, so I have to go get ready now! Dinner will most likely be soup as usual, but great for a cold!
I'll post after I get home!

Uphill climb

I'm slowly starting to feel a bit better... my throat isn't as achy this morning. My nose is still a bit runny, but I can deal with that.
For breakfast here at the parents' house I had a creamy bowl of oats made with 1 cup nonfat soymilk, 1/2 cup quick oats,a big spoonful pb and a banana, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Very creamy and delicious, although I do prefer rolled oats over quick!

I got a great night's sleep, but its still rainy here so I'm going to skip running and go for a walk on the treadmill with Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy (well, not the whole two hours!) in a bit to get some exercise in.
Then it's grocery shopping and studying, the usual Saturday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sushi and Romance

Tonight was a nice night out!
I'm exhausted, but tonight it was great to relax over a comforting dinner and nice movie.
We went to sushi before the movie, and I immediately ordered tea and miso soup to warm me up!

Worked like a charm! They were both warm and delicious. For our meals, my mom and I chose to share two sushi rolls and some green gyoza vegetable dumplings. We ordered our favorites; California roll (classic, of course) and spicy scallop! I had three dumplings, two pieces of spicy scallop and three california.

I was full, but not too full, so I felt great!

We went to go see Nights in Rodanthe with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Both my mom and I love that pair, and they were really great together. I liked the story, but I have to say I preferred the book version!
I surprised my mom with our favorite movie snacks; the portion-controlled way. Instead of buying huge 2-3 serving movie theatre packs, I bought us each small bags of Raisinets, and it was just enough to keep my mouth and sweet tooth occupied during the movie.

I think I'm going to settle down with more tea some new cooking magazines and get to sleep early! I need my rest for sure!

Sicker and sicker

I am NOT feeling any better today, unfortunately. I woke up this morning with a headache and a runny nose on top of my sore throat... I was not excited about going to school today! Especially because it's gross and rainy out!
I contemplated skipping the gym, but then I thought about it and decided I would regret it if I didn't go to the gym; so I went and I was so glad I did! I felt instantly better, at least for a while.

Before I left I snacked on 1/2 a pb chocolate clif bar.

At the gym I did 30 minutes on the elliptical doing easy hills, followed by a 25 minute upper body routine in the free weight area. I did 2-3 sets of 15; tricep dips, overhead tricep pulls, tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, and 3 move moves I don't know how to name, plus 2 sets of 10- 50 lbs on the lat pulldown. I felt nice and refreshed after this workout, and a steamy hot shower!

I ate my breakfast on the way to school- my last to-go Kashi Go Lean, a plain 0% chobani and a cut cup pear. This pear was sooo juicy! Yum!

When I arrived at school I immediately grabbed a small coffee with a splash of soymilk, to make it through my morning classes!
Those first two hours seemed like they lasted forever... after 2 bottles of water and 5 or so coughdrops it was time for lunch/study time. I packed a wrap with my favorite artichoke kalamata hummus, some spinach and a slice of reduced fat provolone on a wheat wrap. I also had some carrots and an apple.

This was great to hold me through study time, and it lasted me until I had my snack- some dried cherries and raw almonds around 3.

Now I'm at home packing up my stuff to head to my parents' house for the night- I'm hanging out with my mom tonight, so I figured I might as well just catch my zzz's back at home and come back in the morning! We're having a "date night"; Sushi and a romance movie! Should be a great girly night, I need something light and relaxing after such a tough week! Have a great Friday night all!

**Umm... I'm so confused! I KNOW I took pics of all my meals today, and somehow I lost them!! I'm so sorry! I promise good sushi pics!**

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dawn to dusk

It has been one thing after another today; morning to night!
I woke up at the crack of dawn, had 1/2 a pb clif bar and headed out for a glorious 25 minute run around the neighborhood.
When I got back, I made myself a deeelicious smoothie to soothe my still-achy throat; the usual choco-berry banana way... heaping 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 cup soymilk, a scoop of Jay Robb (only 1 scoop left! tear!) and a huge banana. Filled two huge cups and I finished them both.
I headed to work from 8-1. Mid-morning I got hungry so I had the other half of my PB clif, which held me until I had my leftovers for lunch.

Just over 1 cup Annie's whole wheat white cheddar shells with some broccoli.
After my first class I had my snacks I packed; a vanilla chobani and a nectarine.

Kinesiology was interesting; we spent most of the time working on taking blood pressure and heart rates at different points of activity. Writing was not so stimulating... my throat hurt like crazy so I basically spent the entire time popping all natural coughdrops and counting the minutes until class was over.

When classes were finally over, I sped home to pick up supplies and ran to Eric's house, where I made my boys one of my favorite Mexican dishes; Enchiladas! I used Jenna's recipe for Chicken Enchiladas, and I followed the recipe entirely. I thought they came out incredible, and the boys liked them too! I also made some mexican rice, using long grain white rice, black beans, red pepper, and a whole bunch of seasonings- garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, paprika, chili powder, cayenne, coriander and a bit of extra taco seasoning. This was very good- but both Nick and I decided it needs to be spicier next time!

After dinner I headed out with Tyler and Nick to a get together at Nick's friends' house. It was a good time, but I got back pretty late again... looks like another coffee-morning for me!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Treated and Stuffed

I had quite the productive afternoon! I managed to get all the work done I planned to get done, and then some!
Mid afternoon I snacked on some 1% cottage cheese (about 3/4 cup)... I know dairy isn't the best when you're sick, but this was soo nice on my throat.

Then I left to go visit my parents for their anniversary, they loved the cookies... and I got invited to go out to dinner with them and my sister!
So, we all headed up the street to this nice Italian restaurant we've always wanted to try but never gotten the chance to.
Let me tell you, we are DEFINATELY going again!! It was beyond delicious.
For a starter, my sister and I chose the special peach salad- it had peaches, walnuts and gorgonzola on mixed greens with a peach vinigarette. To die for. I had the portion shown, and I picked at a few more pieces from the big plate. I also had 1/2 a piece of fluffy italian bread.

For an entree, both my Mom and I could not resist the sound of the delicious special- seafood stuffed flounder in a hollandaise sauce with risotto and mixed vegetables. Ohmigosh, the BEST stuffed fish I have ever eaten. I ate the ENTIRE piece of fish, stuffing and all, all the veggies and a couple bites of risotto. I left the bread and pretzel sticks. I am stuffed to the brim, probably more than the delish fish I devoured!! Worth every bite, lemme tell you.

It was a great night out with the fam, I'm so glad they invited me and even more glad that my parents had a nice night for their anniversary!

I'm probably going to relax and read or listen to some music... I am pooped!

The Natural way

Sooo this morning I woke up with a sore throat... and I thought, well, it's fall, maybe it's just allergies... nope, I don't think so this time. It has been bothering me ALL DAY... so I knew I had to do something about it. I had a few Coldcalm tablets left, but made sure to stop at Food for Thought on my way home to pick up some more, along with some all natural cough drops and some So Delicious non-dairy ice cream made with coconut milk to soothe my achy throat.

This morning wasn't too bad, I was in serious need of coffee so I stopped by the cart at the library and picked up a small dark roast with a splash of soymilk. During class I snacked on an apple I had packed, and after classes I settled down in the Emporium to do some reading and eat my lunch- leftover Mediterranean shrimp primavera. Mmm mmm, this was just as good as it was a couple nights ago!

After doing some grocery shopping and picking out a new URI sweatshirt (my old ones are far beyond worn, and it's getting chilly on campus- I need my Rhody pride!!) I'm back at home now, to try and get some work done in the afternoon so I can relax this evening.

Baking and Basics

My first baking experience at the new house went well! Last night I decided to make some Oatmeal Cookies from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan- they were supposed to be raisin, but I conveniently had NO raisins in the house so I subbed oragnic dark chocolate chips and they came out fabulous!

I saved half the batch for a certain special couple who's 20th Anniversary is today (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!), gave some to my roommate and brought a few over to snack on with Nick, who said they were really good... I had two and had to agree!

My two:

I had a nice night's rest, although it is getting cold out there!!
This morning I woke up and did my usual mid-week full body strength session. I spent a half an hour doing two sets of 12 of my Self routine, plus a few new moves I've learned.
Afterwards, I was famished, as I generally feel in the morning, so I made myself exactly what I was craving- my basic oats, with 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 cup water, a spoonful of pb, a big banana, 1/2 cup 0% chobani and a big dose of cinnamon. I know, it's getting a bit boring, but it is soooo good I can't get enough of these delicious filling bowls! Nothing seems to satisfy me as well as a heaping bowl of oats.

Today is a short day, class-wise (I only have two), but I'm running a couple errands after work, possibly going home to say hi to the 'rents and spending the evening getting some work done, because I work all day tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Carrots and Apples

So the consensus is... our favorite vegetables are carrots and apples!
tee hee...
Today was quite the fun day!
In the morning I spent the day with my mom's preschool class. They're two and three year olds, so our discussion on nutrition was basic, but they were adorable, so it really didn't matter. I hear I play a mean duck duck goose... ;)
At snacktime, I had what the kids were having- some raw veggies in a cup, and a handful of my own raw almonds.

At lunchtime, I hopped over to one of my favorite coffee shops nearby to grab my mom and I Mediterranean Salad Wraps. They had lettuce, carrots, cucumber, black olives, roasted red pepper, hummus and dressing in a wheat wrap. Plus a pickle slice, and I was satisfied for hours! Yum! I also had a small Pumpkin Spice iced coffee with a splash of nonfat milk for creaminess.

Class was interesting; in Kinesiology I learned how to take blood pressure, and got mine taken- 116/70, which is pretty much normal! After class I snacked on a Kashi bar to hold me over.

It worked; but only for a few hours! I wasn't meeting my friend until 7, so I immediately grabbed a light cheese stick when I got home to settle my growling tummy!

For dinner, we stopped at a great little Italian pizza/pastry shop near the movie theatre. I wanted a spinach pie, but they didn't have any regular sized ones, so I settled on a small one, and tried a slice of their white pizza strips, which was AMAZING! I can't believe I have never tried these, they are fantastic! Fresh dough, dressed in olive oil, parmesan, garlic and a whole bunch of slices... baked until fluffy, tasty perfection. Mmm... this meal was a bit grain-heavy, but I did get some iron in with the spinach! Totally worth it =)

I am SO glad it's Tuesday night. I'm getting some rest tonight, I'm exhausted. Tomorrow it's back to work!

Refreshing start

I had a great night's sleep, I'm sure resulting from the relief of most of my big tasks being finished for the week. (Phew!)
I woke up, made myself one of my favorite breakfasts, Choco-Berry Banana Smoothie! I made it the usual delicious way, a heaping 1/2 cup frozen berries, a cup of nonfat soy milk, a scoop of Jay Robb protein powder and a big banana. This filled up TWO whole piggie glasses, and I finished every last drop!

This carb and protein filled breakie was perfect for my cool morning run. It's getting colder here, so the run started off a bit chilly but as I got going it became incredibly invigorating, I did the whole usual 25 minute loop in about 24 minutes, so I ran around a bit more to finish off the last minute, and came back inside to guzzle some water and get ready for the day.

I'm about to head over to my mom's preschool, where they're celebrating Veggie Week as their theme, so I'm going as "Miss Kristin" from the nutrition program at URI to tell the 2-3 year olds why eating veggies will make them healthy =)
Should be a lot of fun! I love kids... well, for short periods of time!

Afterwards I'm off to school for my late day of classes, and then I'm going out with a high school friend for some quick eats and a movie. So, I won't be back until late but I'll recap later tonight or in the morning!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Queen dork

I'm so sorry I've been such a bad blogger... I've been incredibly busy with schoolwork, today was a LONG, LONG day... with an Anatomy exam, and an Anatomy lab quiz... I just got home a while ago, and spent the last couple of hours after I made dinner doing an essay for English AND a whole Kinesiology project! I am school-ed out!

So lets do a bit of a recap.
Yesterday my legs were still bothering me, so instead of cardio I did a 30 minute arm strengthening session before making lunch. Lunch was deeelicious; inspired by Miss Caitlin from See Bride Run's breakfast wrap, I made myself an egg wrap for lunch using two scrambled egg whites, a whole bunch of spinach and some mozzarella cheese. I had a nectarine to round it all out, and it was a great protein packed lunch to hold me through the afternoon.

Later at work I snacked on my favorite chocolate peanut butter Pure Protein bar to hold me until dinner. I love these- they keep my hands out of the candy bowl because they taste like a candy bar!

Dinner was fun; I was craving mac n' cheese, so I made mine a bit healthy by using Annie's Whole Wheat white cheddar shells, and added some steamed broccoli to the mix. This is one cup of prepared mac and cheese, 1 cup steamed broccoli. I also had some carrots on the side, but they snuck out of the picture!

After work, I was craving something sweet, and I was FREEZING so I went for one of my favorite warm, healthy treats- a poached pear. I sliced up the pear nice and thin, cooked it until just poached with a dash of brown sugar and a whole lot of cinnamon!

Hit the spot for a healthy, satisfying treat!

This morning, I woke up bright and early as usual on Mondays, and had half a chocolate chip clif bar as a pre-workout snack.
To make up for my lack of cardio over the weekend, I did a bit more than usual today; 30 minutes hills on the elliptical, and 15 minutes on the treadmill walking fast. My legs STILL hurt!! I guess I pushed them a bit too hard on Saturday.

Breakfast was predictable; my usual in-car cereal, yogurt and banana. Never fails to hold me until lunch though!
I also had a small coffee with a tiny splash of soymilk to give me some energy for my exam!

After I finished my exam, I headed to the library to have my lunch and study. I tried another turkey sandwich today; I have to say I'm really loving these for how filling and tasty they are. This one had 2 slices organic turkey, a garlic/herb laughing cow light, spinach and 2 pickle slices on Ezekiel bread. I had an apple, and was good until lab!

Right before lab I had my snack- my new favorite dried fruit/nut combo, dried cherries and raw almonds, to keep my stomach from growling while I studied the axial skeletal musculature! Yum! hehe

Of course after three hours of lab I was STARVING when I got home. I made myself a quick and delicious Mediterranean-inspired pasta dish- whole wheat rotini with grape tomatoes, steamed green beans, olives and shrimp in a lemon/olive oil/oregano sauce, topped with fresh basil and a bit of feta cheese. I couldn't get enough of this! I actually went back for a couple extra bites because it was SO GOOD!!! I'll post the full recipe soon!

After studying, I needed something sweet, so I finished my night with my favorite Zen Soy puddings. Mmm, I always love my chocolate fix!

Time to go make fun of Nick for watching Jurassic Fight Club (who's the dork?), and get some rest after a long day.
I'll be back tomorrow!


Sorry for the delay in posts; Anatomy exam, busy girl! I'll have yesterday afternoon (egg wrap!), evening (some spruced up mac n'cheese) and today's meals (on the go breakfast, turkey sammie for lunch) up later on tonight when I get home!

Have a great start to your week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm a mess.
This weekend was completely and utterly exhausting, and it's not even over.
I feel like I've gotten NO rest and NO studying done, even though thats pretty much all I've been doing aside from working.
Yesterday afternoon I spent studying, and then left for work.
At work I snacked on a mix of dried cherries and almonds, as well as drank this new Fuze I found at the store... I LOVE pomegranate, this was a tasty treat drink!

I had a very small dinner, because I knew I'd be having the rest of it later at my friend's party.
I packed a to-go chili with some carrots and mushrooms to hold me over.

I did end up having a bit of a treat before the end of the night. My shift supervisor, Kristi and I were joking we needed chocolate after one crazy customer, so we ended up each buying small on-sale packs of our favorite peanut butter chocolates... hers being Reese's and mine being Fastbreaks. I had one and it was spectacular, (I really don't eat much candy like this...but I always fall for the fastbreaks) and then I decided, what the heck, it was tiny, I might as well have a second one... come to find out EACH bar is 100 calories. That means I pretty much ate an entire bar!

Not the best idea, because i KNEW upon arriving to my friend's party there would be sushi waiting for me, which there was! I had 5 small rolls- california and shrimp, as the rest of my dinner.
And I snacked on far too many sunchips. The night was ok, but unfortunately I don't consider it worth skipping my studying, which I'm not too happy about.

So last night was not the healthiest night in the world.
Today I really need to start my week off right. Last week there was a lot of junk in my week, and I really need to balance it all out.

I woke up, tried to get out of bed, and realized I can barely walk!! No joke, the weighted lunges and squats I did yesterday KILLED my legs! No run for me today, as much as that disappoints me. I think I'll be sticking to the strength for today and getting my cardio in at the gym tomorrow morning.
I had a nice, healthy breakfast- creamy oats made the usual way; 1/2 cup in 1 cup water, a spoonful of PB, a banana, 1/2 cup 0% chobani and a bunch of cinnamon.

Great way to start the week!
Now I have to get on my SUPER long to do list... all before 3pm today, when I have to work AGAIN! I'm so glad this is all almost over. Once I get through this weekend and beginning of the week it should get a bit better... I hope.
Busy, Busy, Busy! Is it winter break yet?