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Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy day

What a busy day today is...luckily I'm off to a good start! I went for a nice 4 mile run, came home and packed my bags for the day, made my dinner for tonight and prepared myself an early lunch. Hopefully I made my lunch big enough to hold me until I can take a quick break for a snack... I filled it with plenty of protein, fiber and healthy fats which is usually the key to satiety!

I made myself a delicious tofurky sandwich on Ezekiel sprouted grain bread with my favorite additions; whole grain dijon mustard, a slice of vegan mozarella, some sliced avocado and baby spinach. Mmm... On the side I had some carrots as usual, and a good sized pear.

For a snack later on, I packed a cashew cookie larabar- one of my favorite flavors. These really hold me over, and they're so tasty!

For dinner I didn't have much in the house to choose from, so I decided just to bring an Amy's bowl with me for my entree with a couple sides.

Amy's meals are very convienent in a pinch- they're all vegetarian with many vegan options, healthy and yummy to boot! I love this one, it has brown rice with veggies (broccoli, carots, mushrooms) in a mushroom gravy with black eyed peas. Since this was a pretty small bowl I also packed some baby zucchini and the rest of the red grapes we had in the house.

After work I'm meeting up with my friend at the Podhead, so a scoop of gelato is likely, and once my other friend gets off work we're off to the movies! I think I might be going out to breakfast tomorrow morning as well, so I'll post that when I get home. I'm excited to start my weekend!!


VeggieGirl said...

LARABAR!!!!!! ;0)

Have a fabulous weekend, Kristin!!

Erika said...

Are the containers you used to pack your grapes and baby zucchini part of the "Fit and Fresh" lunch kit that also comes with a salad bowl and travel mug? Just curious cuz I recently purchased that at Bed Bath and Beyond and absolutely love it.

I love your blog, by the way. It's such a great resource for how to make healthy vegan choices while maintaining an active lifestyle

Kristin said...


Yes, the container are Fit and Fresh, but I only have the big purple container with the ice pack and small containers, no salad bowl or mug. But I do love it!

And thanks for the compliment, I try for a nice balance =)