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Friday, August 15, 2008


Everyone knows, my favorite word and number one goal in life; not only nutrition and fitness is balance. Lately, I've been learning to find my balance in all aspects of life- seeing family AND friends, I'm feeling better exercising how I want to exercise (not how I feel I should be exercising- i.e. doing yoga or walking some days instead of running), eating what I want to eat... which lately, has been a lot of protein... and I realized, not only do I think I'm eating a lot of protein because I'm trying to gain more muscle... but I don't think I was eating enough for a while there. Now I'm back to eating more protein, and a balance of carbs and fats, and I feel great.

This morning for breakfast, I got in protein, dairy, fruits and grains... 1/3 cup egg whites (equal to 2 eggs), 1/2 cup granola over 6oz plain nonfat yogurt, and a sweet nectarine. It seems like a lot, but really it was the perfect size breakfast, and I feel full but not stuffed!

Today is another lazy day... however not as lazy as yesterday. I'm doing some more packing type things this morning, then I'll be exercising, and going to do some grocery shopping with my mom later on. I'm not sure what I'm doing for dinner tonight... I have a couple of recipes and I can't decide which one I want to try!!

I'm still accepting questions, I'll post some answers later!


Sara said...

Okay first the fun questions:
-favorite type of exercise?
-favorite book?
-favorite flavor icecream?
-catch phrase?
-celebrity crush?
More "serious" questions-
-How far along are you in school?
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
-How do you maintain a healthy weight? Is it ever difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight?

Andrea said...

that brekkie looks delicious! i also had a parfait this morning with fage, a few crumbled muffins, and granola & blueberries!

some questions:
-what types of activities do you do at school?
-what are you majoring in?
-favorite food? restaurant?
-are you still trying to gain weight?
-where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-who are your role models?
-if you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
-how do you stay balanced? what motivates you?

Danielle said...

Congratulations on reaching your happy and comfortable balance!

Now for a last-minute question... or suggestion rather...
Overview the journey that it took to reach that balance. It's definitely a topic and struggle that I know a ton of readers are dealing with.

Thanks! :)

erica said...

breakfast looks great!

in regards to being able to meet when you're in NY, I think we should post something about our plan to meet up, publically, to see if any other bloggers in the area would like to join us! let me know!

Kristin said...


Yes definately! I'll write up something and post it later on today, you could post something as well!