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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just a little bit longer...

Since I've been back from Italy, getting back into my regular running routine has been harder than expected- most likely because I'm getting used to not running every day; but I would eventually like to get back to running my four miles a few times a week instead of just 3 or so. Today, I decided I'd try something new to see if I could run longer than 25 minutes, still using my standard hill run around my neighborhood. So, I used the Galloway method- I ran 3 minutes, walked 1, and so on. Towards the end, I was running 3.5 minutes and only walking 30 seconds, which felt comfortable for me. I ran/walked 32 minutes, which is longer than I have been running, and I felt great afterwards. I came back and did 15 minutes of arm exercises before my shower. That quick a.m. nap and hearty lunch definately gave me energy- I feel pretty good about going to work (of course I might grab an iced coffee going in just in case!!). I was worried I'd be dead tired by the end of the afternoon!

I had a quick snack before I head out, 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese and a nectarine. Hopefully the protein/carb/fiber combo will hold me until dinner.

For an easy dinner at work I packed a simple can of split pea soup, and a mix of blue corn tortilla chips and kashi crackers to go with it. I only have a short break tonight so I can't bring anything too complicated to eat!

I'm off... I'm pretty sure I'm staying in tonight. Boy, do I need the rest!

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