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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mediterranean Memories and a sunset cruise

Sorry for the late post, right after dinner my mom, sister, Kahlua and I headed up the road to my cousin's basketball game; which turned out to be canceled- so we decided to head down to Point Judith and go on my uncle's boat for the night instead! He owns the Southland, a tour/cruise boat, and he lets us come on every once in a while for a pretty sunset cruise!

For dinner, I made a recipe from Cooking Light- the Cavatappi Nicoise. I followed the recipe exactly, except I used whole wheat penne instead of buying cavatappi. It was fantastic, I'll definately be making it again! It has everything- whole wheat, vegetables, healthy fats, lots of protein- it was nutritious, tasty and filling! It reminded me of Italy, so of course I loved it!

We really enjoyed ourselves on the cruise! I met Jack, my uncle's new boxer puppy, and my sister and I had a lot of fun leading Cotton-eyed joe and the Electric Slide! After we were worn out from dancing, my sister and I headed downstairs where we were given free snacks... I went for a small light ice cream sandwich. It was definately full of sugar, but it was only 130 calories and 2g fat, so it was a small treat.

Just as we were leaving, the lightning started... we're so lucky we're back home, it looks like rain!!

Time for bed for me... I am TIRED after such a busy day!


VeggieGirl said...

What a picturesque sunset!

Anonymous said...

That ice cream sandwich looks delish- reminds me of my childhood.

Kristin- my boyfriend and I will be vacationing on Block Island in a couple of weeks. Do you have any restaurant recommendations? (I used to live in Stonington, CT which is pretty close to Pt. Judith!)

Kristin said...

Unfortunately it's been a couple years since I've been to the island! I know, it's so close, but I'm always so busy when I'd like to go (when theres less tourists...hehe)

I'm not sure where to recommend food, but I would definately say take a stop in at the ice cream shop right near the moped shop... (i can't remember if it's across from or next to), the ice cream's fabulous, and if money allows DEFINATLEY use a moped as your form of transportation around the island! They're so much fun, and you get to see the beautiful sights as you ride!

and I know right where Stonington is! We were practically neighbors! I'm actually moving right into P.J. in a few weeks, my house is right on the water =)