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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Must. Have. Protein.

Sooo I've been having these strange protein cravings lately... seriously! I still love my grains, fruits, veggies... but lately all I've been wanting to eat is peanut butter, egg whites, tuna, and cottage cheese. How strange is that? I know I've been adding a significant amount more protein in my diet, because I'm attempting at gaining that muscle... but I didn't think it would make me crave protein-rich foods like this! Oh, well- we'll see how long it lasts. I'll be craving broccoli again soon enough.

This morning I just layed around, really, browsed some blogs, sorted through my jewlery, did some packing... nothing major. Like I said, I need my rest! I had a snack mid-morning; a 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese I NEEDED right then! It was the perfect snack to hold me until lunch.

When lunchtime rolled around, I knew exactly what I wanted- tuna salad! I used a full can of light tuna packed in water and drained, mixed with 3 chopped baby carrots, a chopped celery stalk, about 1.5 tbsp olives, and 1.5 tablespoons dijon nayonaisse. I put this on top of 2 slices sprouted grain bread, lightly toasted, and had a plum tomato from my garden, and a big apple on the side. Exactly what I wanted.

I'm nice and full now, I might go for a walk to get some exercise in, and continue to do some packing throughout the day. No big plans today... I think I'm making another Italian dinner tonight... so I'm excited for that!

Shortly after lunch, I was going through some Italy stuff and I came upon this small gourment cookie I had bought in Lecce, and since it was a fresh cookie (in plastic, they said it would be good for a few months)... I decided to eat it instead of forgetting about it in my snack drawer, so this was my "dessert"!

(It really was small, I zoomed so it looks bigger!)

**Remember my questions from the last post! I've had a couple emails, but very few comments so keep 'em coming!**


kruns said...

how tall are you? just wondering! i love your blog and really liked hearing about your trip to Italy. As a 13 year old vegan i really enjoy readig about your food philosophy, it's really inspiring!

Anonymous said...

do you plan your meals in advance or do you just eat whatever you are craving at the moment? Do you count calories/how many do you estimate you eat a day? When you run how far and how fast do you go? How long have you been practicing yoga and what type do you do? What meal have you made that you are the proudest of?

And a fun one:
If you were stranded on an island what 5 foods would you want with you? (Don't worry about how you would prepare them, or what goes into them---like "waffle sandwich" is 1 item not 4 (waffle, pb, banana, syrup)

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to up my protein a bit lately too and I also find that I've been craving protein a lot more than usual! I never used to crave protein and now I find myself wanting it all the time. How weird is that?

I think my main question would be one that is already asked, about if you count calories, or even just pay attention roughly to the calories you are eating, calorie counts on labels etc. Or if you don't now, did you ever? And do you pay attention to calorie burn at all when working out?