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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gourmet for two

My first day was quite the success!
I left shortly after blogging this morning, and headed down to school. It was hard to find a parking spot, but I ended up finding a pretty good one. My first class was Food Management, the teacher is my advisor and she's super nice, and knows a LOT about food management, so the class should be good. Anatomy scared the heck out of me, the teacher flat out said that it was going to be a hard course, and that last semester 50% of the students failed. Guess I'll have to crack down on my studying!! During class I snacked on the other half of my clif bar from this morning to hold me over.

For lunch, I treated myself to my favorite on-campus restaurant, International Pockets Cafe. I had a baked falafel pita with lots of veggies, hot sauce, tabouleh, hummus, tahini, feta and yogurt sauce.

It was SO filling, especially since they gave me a pieces of falafel and baklava for free when I walked in!

It was quite a large lunch, but it held me over for hours and hours.
I stayed at Bagelz for a while, they have free wireless so I could have blogged but I forgot my adapter! Whoops! When Tyler got out of class, we headed back home. I had a medium apple for a snack, and did some studying (I already have homework and a QUIZ in Anatomy on Monday!!)

For dinner, I made a delicious dinner for two- I had some frozen salmon filets I defrosted overnight in the fridge, and rubbed with a mix of salt, pepper, garlic and cayenne, and pan-seared in olive oil on my new skillet.

On the side I microwave-baked a sweet potato with a bit of smart balance, and roasted some brussels sprouts with a drizzle of evoo and some s&p. This is one of my favorite meals! Simple, healthy and filling!

We also each had a glass of wine, right from Italy! (Tyler had two, I only had one because I was driving in a couple hours!)

It was the perfect first-dinner I could have made here in my kitchen! Tyler loved it too, so I'm glad he likes my cooking!
I'm off to yoga in a bit, and then a bit more studying before bed!


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for a successful first day!! And for sweet potatoes & brussels sprouts (two of my favorites, haha).

HangryPants said...

Pretty plates. Are they from Anthropologie?

hk said...

yum! your salmon looks great- can't believe it was once frozen!

Kristin said...

Yes they are!

Thank you! I thought they came out pretty well =)