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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothin' at all

There are certain times during the day I need to give myself time to do nothing at all. Well, nothing specific. I'll do whatever I'm feeling- listen to music, write, look at blogs, watch some of a dvd, read some recipes online...
Without these "nothing" times I go CRAZY because my days are always so jam packed!

Today I did about 2.5 hours worth of school work at home before going to school for three hours of classes, between which I did 2.5 more hours of work, only taking a 20 minute break for my yogurt snack- and now I'm back at home, blogging then having some "nothing time" before I get back to some work. So much is going on lately! I just finished a Writing paper and we're starting a new one, I have a draft of a 5 page research paper due on Thursday, I have an Anatomy quiz and exam on Monday... At least I have a couple halloween parties to look forward to on Thursday and my own on Friday... I can't wait until the end of the week!

When I got home today I was NOT in the mood to do any sort of cooking (I know, I must be exhausted!) so I just heated up leftovers from Monday along with the last little bit of my frozen steamed broccoli.

It was good, but I was left with a sweet craving after I finished- I went to have a tiny bite of my last leftover pumpkin muffin (I snuck one in an air tight container so it would last! Still moist!

And then I promptly reached back into the container and had the other 1/4- so I ate 1/2 a muffin in total.
I'm still not TOTALLY full... so I might have to go back for another snack in a bit as well. My appetite has been so weird lately!
I'm trying to keep it as healthy as I can these first few days of the week, because I KNOW there will be a ton of snacking for halloween- which I let myself do, because it's only a couple days a year and halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! And I'll be sure to get myself right back on track as soon as the holiday is over.

Anyway, I'm off to study- I'll post the pics as soon as blogger lets me, and I'll be posting the exercises soon!


VeggieGirl said...

Good luck studying!!

Olga said...

I feel you on the end of the week...I need some Halloween in my life!

Good luck with your work and I agree that Halloween=snacky time. Loveeee it, so worth it