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Monday, October 20, 2008

Technological Trouble

I'm blogging from the parents' house tonight, unfortunately I have been having some laptop trouble, and my sick laptop is going to have to spend a couple days at the Apple Store to try and get him better! I'll miss him while he's gone, thats for sure!

Unfortunately there won't be any pictures up tonight but I'll post them once my laptop's fixed!
This morning I woke up and went to the gym in usual Monday fashion, I did 40 minutes of cardio- 30 of hills on the elliptical and a 10 minute speed bike. Afterwards I finished up with 25 minutes of free weights, doing biceps, triceps and some lat pulldowns.

For a pre-run snack I had a chocolate chip mini clif bar. I think I like having 1/2 a bar better- this one left me hungry halfway through weights! I had my fave on the go breakfast, of course- banana, chobani vanilla, 1 cup kashi go lean crunch.

Lunch was standard as well- a turkey sammie using 2 slices all natural turkey, spinach, pickles, swiss laughing cow on two sliced honey wheat. My usual sides as well, apple and carrots! Sorry to be so boring, but my lunches have to be quick to make, easy to eat, balanced and filling- so I usually have a few standard ones I rotate between!

I snacked on a Peanut Butter Chocolate Pure Protein bar before my lab Practical, which went pretty well. However I wasn't too happy when it went late and I missed the bus down to the commuter lot and I had to walk in the cold! =( I walked fast, thats for sure!

I headed to my parents house to do some online work and I was STARVING, so I scoped out my parents' fridge and got the approval from my mom to steal their leftover Meatless meatballs in a red sauce, that I heated and plopped on a multigrain loaf with some parmesan cheese and steamed green beans on the side. It was delicious and I was glad I had something healthy to eat when I was STARVING after lab!

I'm headed home soon, for a relaxing night in- Heroes is on, I'm so excited!
I'll post again ASAP!

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