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Friday, December 5, 2008

Busy day, relaxing night

Thank you all for the comments earlier, but there aren't quite enough for a video just yet, so keep 'em coming! If you're out of the loop, check out my last post for video votes!

Anyway, back to what you really came to see- my food!

You can definately tell finals are in the air on campus! Stress, stress and more stress!
While my peers may be freaking out and stress eating, I try to stay as calm and balanced as I can because I know thats what's best for me!
I had my big project due in computer apps today, and luckily that went well so i have a little bit less on my shoulders!

I started my day with the usual M/W/F fare- a pre-workout 1/2 clif (I had the other half of my PB Toffee Buzz from the car ride- it was good, but I still prefer my PB choc chip!) and then after my 1 hr sweatfest (elliptical and arms) I had my 0% chobani, banana and 1 cup puffed wheat.

For lunch I had another turkey sammie- this one on two slices of honey whole wheat with organic turkey, spinach and a light laughing cow. Standard apple and carrots on the side!

After the day was done I ran some errands- the usual, bank, groceries (saw my grandma at Stop&Shop!) and I stopped at Starbucks for a grande nonfat latte for my snack. At the store I stocked up on basics (bananas, apples, peppers, spring greens, soy milk, turkey, laughing cow, yogurts, cottage cheese, bars) and two new treats- Soy Eggnog, which I LOVE and is sooo much healthier than the regular stuff, and individual dates! I had to have one when I got home- they're so expensive to buy in bulk, but I got 4 for $1.20 for a treat!!

Tonight I had a Sushi& a movie date planned... with my mom! We went out to Shogun and started off with a couple bowls of miso soup:

and then we dug into a huge bowl of edamame which we ate about 3/4 of between the two of them! Yum, salty complete protein!

For our entree, we chose two rolls- I introduced my mom to my favorite Red Dragon Roll, which I had three pieces of (including the head!)...

and a spicy salmon roll- also three pieces!

I felt full, but not too stuffed- awesome!

We did a little browsing at the shops around the plaza before our movie began. We saw Four Christmasses with Vince Vaugn and Reese Witherspoon. I love both of them, so of course I liked it! We snuck in movie treats- individually portioned baggies of holiday mint m&ms- free, and proper serving size! A great little dessert!

Ahh, what a nice way to end my evening. I'm back here at my parents' for the night, I'm going to use their treadmill here in the morning before heading back home to study the day away tomorrow!

Have a great Friday night, all!

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VeggieGirl said...

NOTHING beats a fresh, luscious, medjool date. Holy yum.

Happy Saturday, Kristin!!