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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Old-fashioned is better

Darn technology! Dinner was a bit of a bust due to some modern-day technological difficulties...
You see, I've had this microwave egg poacher for a while now...
and seeing as I was feeling hungry & unmotivated tonight after class...
I decided to try it.
Followed the directions, thought it was going fine until I heard a huge "POP!" from the micro and knew something wasn't right!
So I opened my "trusty" egg poacher and was sad to see my egg was basically fried- crispy around the edges and the yolk was hard! I wanted a runny, squishy egg!!
Ahh, well-it was still pretty tasty. I had my micro-fried egg over a smart-balance spread piece of honey whole wheat toast with some micro steamed broccoli and a couple morningstar vegetarian sausages. Yummy, but not quite what I was going for.

But let me recap wayyy back to last night!
After finishing up some work I had my night time snack- a big bowl of grapes.

I read for a while with my cup of gingerbread spice tea, but I still felt a little empty so I had 10 of these guys- chestnuts from Italia! The fruit guy, Cosmo- told me to boil these for a few minutes to soften 'em up, and I did just that. As soon as they cooled a bit they were delicious and nutty, although I wish they were roasted they did the trick for my case of the snackies!!

This morning I started the day off how I usually do on thursdays...

With my fave smoothie! Need I re-iterate? Chocolate Jay Robb Protein+Nonfat Soy Milk+Frozen Berries+Big Banana=HEAVEN in 1.5 cups!!

The morning was FILLED with work, work, work for my Computer Apps in Nutrition project due tomorrow! Luckily I'm almost finished with it, but all that computer work is time consuming!
For lunch I finished up the can of refried black beans and had my usual black bean on whole wheat with sriracha- nuked for a minute to make it hot and spicy, served with some carrots and 1% cottage cheese!

Snacks were the same as usual, but perfectly filling- Vanilla Chobani and an apple!

I'm headed to Ladies night on Main St with my mom and sis, pics up as soon as I return!!

Edited to add- just snuck a fresh canadian pickle out of the fridge! Mmm, salty!

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