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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowy troubles

Happy New Years Eve all!
I had quite the eventful day!
Silly me didn't check the weather... turns out we were having major snow and I had no idea!!

I got up early before the snow started and got in a good workout at the gym- 206 calories burned on 35 minutes of the elliptical, 156 burned in 38 minutes of weight training on my arms.
I had 1/2 a clif bar before I left as usual, and afterwards I ate my breakfast on the way to the grocery store- A 0% chobani cup, a packet of bluberry/walnut/flax granola and a medium sized banana.
I did some quick grocery shopping, as well as met my mom to get some ingredients for the New Year's Day dinner I'm preparing for my parents, sister and grandparents!

The snow had started, A LOT by the time I left the store... in fact, it was so bad I had to leave my car there- my mom drove me in her van back to my house and my dad picked my car up for me! The Camry does not do well in the snow!
I had an apple when I got home and packed my stuff for the day.

I had plans to meet my best friend Danielle for lunch, but she ended up not being able to make it because of the snow. I enjoyed Pick Pockets myself instead- I had a grilled chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, hummus and tahini. I devoured this, it took so long to get to the deli I was STARVING by the time I got lunch!

I totally forgot to photograph my snack and dinner, so sorry! I spent a couple lovely hours at Starbucks reading my new book (Women Who Eat; it's fabulous!) and drinking a grande nonfat latte for a snack.

For dinner at work (we had hardly anyone all night the snow was so bad!) I had a can of Amy's split pea soup and some carrots.
Since dinner was so low in calories, I didn't feel a problem with having a semi-heathy splurge for New Year's Eve with my mom- Chocolate Brownie Frozen yogurt! For 120 calories and 3 g fat per 1/2 cup, this is way worth it! I had about 3/4 a cup. Yum!

I'm still a little hungry, so I think I'm going to have some fruit before I settle in to watch some of the New Year's specials and ring in the new year!

Happy 2008, Have a wonderful, safe night, 'see' you all in 2009!!

*Pics up in the am!*


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happy new years! enjoy your dinner tonight :)