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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spinning away

Good afternoon everyone!
Sorry I wasn't around for a breakfast post, I slept in a little (7:45, whoo!), made myself a delicious smoothie (I missed them so!)

1 cup nonfat soy, 1 medium banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop jay robb protein.

I browsed online a bit and then got ready to head to the gym. I got there early and did 10 minutes on the treadmill to warm up, then managed 2 sets of 10 strength training my legs- lunges & standing splits with 12 lbs, leg press at 150 calves and thighs, and hip adductor machine because I COULD NOT DO ABS... they're still way too sore !
After I worked my legs I snacked on half of this bar (a present from my secret santa!):

Then I met up with my mom and did a 45-minute Spin Class! It was a hard one because I'm still achy, but I worked hard and burned 349 calories! Sometimes I hate spinning... but when I stick with it and make it through, the feeling afterwards is SO worth the struggle!

Back home, I was very ready for lunch! I made myself a huge colorful veggie&protein filled salad to refuel- spinach, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, olives, 3 oz chunk light tuna, 1/4 c chick peas and 1 tbsp Annie's Gingerly Viniagrette. I also had some baby carrots and a big macintosh apple. Definitely got my fair share of nutrients, yum!!

This afternoon I'm working on getting my house organized, and then later on tonight I was invited to dinner at Friendly's with a few friends. This is NOT the most 'clean eating friendly' restaurant. However, I am very excited to see my friends and would not want to argue with their choice of restaurants, so I'm going to go and do the best I can to make a healthy dinner choice- it's all about balance, I think I've done well so far today and will continue to eat healthy until my bit of a 'splurge' this evening!

Have a great Tuesday!


VeggieGirl said...

Hooray for smoothies and for colorful lunches!!

Good luck at dinner tonight!!

Melissa said...

It's funny friendly's was my one of my favorite restaurants as a kid, in fact, the one in my town was the busiest in the country for several years, I went maybe 2 years ago and I was shocked that there was nothing healthy on the menu. I ate there so much in JHS! But I have to say nothing beats Friendly's peanut butter sauce. enjoy!

what was your ab workout, if I may ask?

Kristin said...

I always loved their sundaes as well! No sundae tonight though! I ended up finding something grilled, which was at least better than fried!

I used the incline bench to do 2 sets of 15 situps, straight, and 15 on each side (twists). Totally killed me, and I have pretty strong abs!

fitbird said...

Yay! So glad you got your box of Secret Santa goodies... I was scurred for a few days that it had disappeared in the hands of the postal service. I hope you enjoy the contents!