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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little by little

Little by little my stomach is feeling better...
but my day wasn't exactly the greatest! It was just one of those days where nothing really went well, so I'm not the happiest camper. At least I got to study with the best friend in the library for a bit today and the boy made me feel a bit better. =/

As for food, I had the usual Tu/Th am fare- 1/2 a clif bar before the gym, where I did a nice getting better cardio workout- I walked/ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes; doing a 5 minute walk to warmup, 5 mintes at 6mph, then 10 minutes of sprints 6.0-8.0 mph, then gradually went from 6.0-6.8 in the next 10 minutes before doing a 1 minute spring and 9 minutes of inclined walking to finish up. Afterwards I headed to the strength area where I did some lunges, standing splits and leg press. After showering I walked (carefully! it was icy and I almost fell multiple times!!) to my class where I hung out in the lounge and ate my banana, granola and 0% chobani.

Lunch after my classes was a turkey sammie with 3 slices all natural turkey, a light laughing cow, about a tablespoon of hummus and spinach on a sandwich thin. I had a big chopped carrot on the side.

Filled me up through a few hours of studying, and then I snacked on a cherry pie larabar while running some errands.

Back home I made a new chili recipe for tonight... Nick and I both liked it but agreed my turkey chili is much better! For this one I used lean beef, kidney and black beans, onion, tomato, garlic, peppers and spices. I'll post the recipe soon but it could use some tweaking. Nick brought over some oven bake fries, so I had my first bit of chili chili cheese fry style on top of 1/2 a serving of fries (not the healthiest, but a nice treat for sure!!) with some reduced fat mexican blend cheese. Can you say YUM??

I had a bit more chili as well to fill me up.

I'm having some photo issues... somehow I lost my adapter and need to buy a new one before I can upload pics, so they'll be up soon, sorry! I told you... one of those days...

Ah, well I hope I can at least get a nice night's rest tonight.

Oh- and I forgot to add last night that while watching a movie Nick and I shared one last piece of the fantastic Devil's Food Cake I made for his birthday. He ate most of the frosting, but the rest was about half and half. ;)



VeggieGirl said...

Oooh, the Devil's Food Cake sounds fabulous!!

Olga said...

I also almost fell like a million times on campus today!

yummm devil's food cake! Must. Make. Soon.

hope you're feeling 100 percent soon!

ChickPea said...

Feel better soon!