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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One more minute

On Caitlin's blog this morning, she mentions mantras to help you get through workouts. Riding on the theme of my workout today- Pump it up I decided I'd share mind with you.

"One more minute. Just one more minute. ANYONE can do ANYTHING for just one minute."

I say this to myself when I feel like slowing down, giving up or even quitting. After that minute is over, I'm usually back into my workout with enough motivation to finish. If I'm not having such a good day, I repeat "one more minute..." until I have no more minutes left!!

That brings me back to my workout today. Yesterday I was thinking about going to the gym today, and how lately I've felt like I'm in a bit of a cardio rut. I LOVE the elliptical I do on M/W/F, but I needed something more intense for T/Th when I tend to take cardio more seriously (I do less weight training). Problem is, I try and use the treadmill, and I hate, I repeat, HATE running on the treadmill for long periods of time. I get so bored!! I've tried running/walking on an incline, but I just don't get the workout I want to. I don't burn as many calories as running (obviously) and I can't really walk for longer because there's a 35-minute limit on the machines at my gym. In fact, my body has been getting so used to my run/walk routine it's beginning to burn less calories when I do it!! I knew I needed to pump it up with an anti-boredom routine, so I plugged in my ipod, switched it on to the newest Rise Against cd [I'm such a rock&run girl, plus this cd reminds me of Nick and a little extra motivation to look hot for the boy never hurts ;)] and set off on a 30/5-minute sprint routine.
Here's my routine:

Kristin's PUMP IT UP 1 min sprint/2 min jog routine:
'Warm up'-5 minutes, 4.0 mph 8.5% incline
Starting to run- 5 minutes, 6.0 mph 3.0% incline
At minute 10- 1 minute, 8.0 mph (3.0% incline throughout)
Minutes 11:00-13:00- 6.0 mph
Minute 13:00-14:00- 8.0 mph
Minutes 14:00-16:00- 6.0 mph
Minute 16:00-17:00- 8.0 mph
Minutes 17:00-19:00- 6.0 mph
Minute 19:00-20:00- 8.0 mph
Minutes 20:00-22:00- 6.0 mph
Faster jog- Minutes 22:00-25:00- 6.3 mph
Minute 25:00-26:00- 8.0 mph
Minutes 26:00-28:00- 6.0 mph
Minute 28:00-29:00-6.3 mph
RUN TO THE FINISH! Minute 29-30:00- 8.2 mph
Minutes 30:00-25:00- Machine regulated cool-down
Calories burned: 220 kcals

Whew! I was sweating all over the place (gross, I know) and really, I'm not a big 'sweater'! I felt GREAT afterwards, and instead of finishing up my cardio (I had intended to do 45 minutes) I decided to do my weight training in between on the concept that you burn more calories strength training after doing cardio. Let me tell you girls, this is so true!
Here's my 20 minute routine:
2 sets of 12/12 lbs- Lunges
1 set of 8/15 lbs- Lunges
2 sets of 12/12 lbs- Standing splits
1 set of 8/15 lbs- Standing splits
2 sets of 12/30 lbs- Barbell squats
1 set of 8/40 lbs- Barbell squats
(I had intended to do leg press as well but both machines were taken for quite some time!)
Calories burned: 115 kcals
[In only 20 minutes? WOAH! I usually only burn about 75!!]

Then I finished up my workout with what I intended on being 10 minutes on the stat bike, but got motivated and did 15!
Calories burned- 92 kcals

Total calories burned during workout: 427
[Not bad for a tiny chica like me!]

Obviously, I needed some fuel before and after my workout to keep me moving!
For breakfast I had one of my favorite yogurt bowls- this one contained 0% chobani, 1 big sliced banana, 1/4 cup almond slivers and a dollop of Bonne Maman's Raspberry preserves (no berries so I had to substitute!)

This kept me going through my clearly intense workout, and then I came home and made myself an early lunch to refuel.
An egg white omelet made with 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 light laughing cow, 2 slices honey ham, a sprinkle of fresh black pepper and ketchup to dip. On the side, an apple and a huge carrot sliced.

I'm predictable, I know- but I LOVE this nutrient-filled combo!
Look at all my produce sliced and piled high on my plate! Yum! I love 'snacking' on my lunch while reading blogs!

Today I'm relaxing a bit around the house, making my dinner for tonight and then heading off to work. Unfortunately I'm missing most of the inauguration but I'll definitely be catching it online as soon as I get home!

Have a great day, it's SUCH an exciting day for America, I know I'm excited!!!

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