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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Searching for a cure

Evening all!
I wish I had some good news to report on my stomach, but some of you may notice the time I'm blogging tonight... it's only 6:15 and usually I work until 9 on Tuesdays.

Reason being, I actually called out of work this afternoon. Honest to goodness, this is the first time in 3 years of working at the store that I've called out. I left early on Sunday to get rest as well, so I won't be getting very much of a paycheck next week, but I just could not go.

I slept better last night, but getting to sleep was the worst. I think it was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my stomach like this, ugh. Luckily when I woke up this morning it had toned down a bit. I was still achy but decided to have 1/2 a clif bar and trek to the gym for an easy workout. I ended up doing an easy 30 minutes on the pre-cor machine at the URI gym, and then about 20 minutes of legs- just 2 sets of each exercise taking it easy. I showered, headed to the new Kin building and sat and ate my breakfast.

It must have been the cultures in the yogurt, but my stomach felt fine all throughout Exercise Assessment. Then I got to physiology and it was all downhill from there. I whipped out my Syngergy drink... gingerberry flavor, which was ok but I much prefer the guava. This was kind of stinky!!

Did the trick for class, then I ate some of the food I packed:

I had my turkey sandwich made with 3 slices all natural turkey, a light laughing cow, a spoonful of hummus and some spinach on 2 slices of wheat bread along with a big sliced carrot. I couldn't stomach any more (I know- me? NOT HUNGRY?)
My stomach pain just got worse and worse as the hour went on, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I stopped attempting to read my book, called my boss and apologized and headed home to relax in bed.

My mom was a lifesaver this afternoon. I stopped by the Alternative Food Co-op for a natural remedy on my way home, where I found some Acidil, a homeopathic medicine directed towards stomach ailments. Unfortunately I didn't have enough money on me at the time, but I was talking to my mom on the phone and she offered to buy me some. Thanks Mom!!! It seems to be working, temporarily that is. She also picked me up some other goodies- Stomach Ease Yogi Tea, and some Stevia drops to sweeten it up.

I spent the afternoon in a funny, but comfortable position on my bed, resting some and doing some work as well. Nick stopped by for a while- he's been so great to me lately, dealing with my constant complaining and giving me back rubs to calm me down, I'll have to make him a really nice dinner to make up for it when I feel better! =)
During the afternoon I snacked on the grapes I had packed and then grabbed a light string cheese on a whim that I didn't photograph.

When I got hungry again I heated up my work dinner- a delicious can of Amy's Lentil Vegetable Soup.

I had never tried this before and WOW was it good! I'll definitely be buying this one again. On the side I had 1/2 an ezekiel bun from the freezer with a dollop of smart balance. I was craving bread, probably to soothe all the annoying acid that has apparently attacked my stomach!!

I'm going to lay low tonight, get to bed early and hope these Acidils keep on working. If they don't, I may have to go see a "real" doctor soon. I'm looking into an Ayurvedic Physician but so far the only ones I've found are about two hours away so I have to save up for that kind of visit!

Have a nice Tuesday everyone!


VeggieGirl said...

Ahh, I'm PRAYING that you get well soon!!

Caroline said...

Kristin-I hope your stomach pains get better, but I think if your pain persists, you should go see your physician to make sure you're all right. Maybe there is some sort of medication you can take?

Kristin said...

Thanks for the concern, VeggieGirl and Caroline!
I actually have seen a doctor, on multiple occasions- she's put me on 3 or 4 different medications so far and none have worked! The last ones made me horribly nauseous, so I'm trying to search for other solutions than pharmaceuticals!