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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Almost there

We're almost to Friday!! whoo!
I will be VERY happy to get this week over, that's for sure!

I went to the gym early this morning, because I knew I had a couple errands to run in the afternoon and I wouldn't have much time then. I used the stat bike again, which I really like to mix things up! 30 minutes on the stat bike and 30 minutes of some leg strengthening (exercise description to come this weekend!).

My breakfast consisted of 1/2 a clif bar pre workout (an old pb choc one! i'm not dead yet!!), a chobani, some TJ's trail mix (nuts and dried fruit) and a banana.

I was more than happy to hand in my HUGE lab report in the morning, then I had one more class before lunch.
I spent lunch studying (what's new?) and had my sandwich while memorizing muscle fiber types and energy systems!
A turkey sammie with light laughing cow, spinach and honey mustard on an Arnold's sandwich thin and some carrots.

I did some errands, then I was super hungry mid afternoon when I got back. I had a light but filling snack, a nectarine and a light cheese stick. I knew dinner was going to be a big one!

For dinner, I tried something new and made Beef Stroganoff this was definitely a rich dish- I used fat free sour cream and halved the butter, and used yolk-free egg noodles to lighten it up, but it was worth the indulgence for sure!!

I ate this whole plate, plus a few of Nick's mushrooms =)

I hung out with my parents for a while this evening, and they gave me some treats...

Girl Scout cookies! I was a Girl Scout for my entire childhood (read: over 10 years!) so I have to buy a couple boxes every year. Problem? They're sooo good, it's hard to eat just a couple!

Tonight's dessert was (can you guess?) G.S. Cookies- my two favorites, Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites (definitely not light, but damn are they good!)
I was good with portions tonight- kept it to two =)

Time for some much needed R&R before my exam tomorrow! Night all!


VeggieGirl said...

Now we're AT Friday!! Enjoy!! :-D

Sharon said...

Oh wow, love the eats. I want to try some GS cookies!! lol, they never sell them where I am!