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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blessing in disguise

Thursday- my Friday, is finally here! I'm so excited, in less than 20 hours we'll be leaving for Montreal!!

Today was not the easiest day, to say the least! I'll apologize in advance for my serious lack of pictures from the earlier portion of the day.
I woke up an HOUR LATE this morning!

It turned out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise, though- my legs have been sore from my workout on Tuesday (I know, still!) and although I try to listen to my body, sometimes I can't help it but push too hard. Since I was in a time crunch this morning I just had enough time for 30 minutes on the cross trainer before showering for the day. My poor leggies are thanking me for sure!! Plus, I wasn't supposed to exercise anyways, because of the Kinesiology test we were doing during lab- we're all subjects! So I guess it was a good thing!!
Before I left I had half a chocolate chip clif bar, and while going over some Physiology notes I had a 0% chobani, banana, and Trader Joe's Fig bar for breakfast.

My first class was really interesting- we had a lab in Kinesiology, and I learned how to do the YMCA step test. I scored "good"! (Personally I think I have excellent cardiorespiratory fitness, but admittedly I was a bit nervous about my upcoming Physio exam which probably made my HR go up a bit!)

After my lab I headed to Physiology, where I finished my exam in 30 minutes flat. I feel pretty good about it, so lets hope I did well!

When I finished my exam I was ready to leave campus, so I headed over to Starbucks to eat my lunch- a ham sammie with honey ham, romaine and a light laughing cow on an arnold's sandwich thin and some carrots- while doing some school reading.

A quick trip to Rite Aid for some decorating treats and I was home to pack and bake!!
I got a good amount of my packing done, and I made some fun Valentines Day cupcakes to give to my roommate, family and Nick's sister (she's nice enough to let us stay at her place this weekend!) for the day of love!
Personally, I'm not a huge fan of valentines day, but I always have fun sharing small sweet treats and gifts with family and friends. And I do like that I have a cute valentine this year ;)

I snacked on some 1% cottage cheese and a nectarine to keep my fingers out of the batter... I did have a couple licks, but not too bad!

The sweet snacking DID come when I pulled out these to decorate the cupcakes with though...

I had a few of the chewy ones, and a ridiculous number of cinnamon hearts... but the serving size is 34!!!
Only a few licks of frosting, forced by my frosting partner (Nick)!!

The end result:

Luckily the red colored treats didn't stop my appetite for dinner... I cooked early because Nick had a soccer game at 6 and wanted to digest beforehand! Tonight's dinner was really delicious. I made healthy pasta carbonara, recipe from the newest issue of Clean Eating. SUCH a great issue, let me tell you I have loved every meal I've made (about 5 so far!!) and Nick has too. I did add something to this dish though... some pre cooked bacon(2 slices), because I lived in Italy and I know theres no such thing as carbonara without bacon ;)

Tonight I'm meeting up with my Mom & Sister to exchange valentines gifts, and then going to bed early because we have a long day in the car ahead of us!!

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