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Friday, February 13, 2009

Revved up and ready to go

I'm almost ready to go, but Nick is still sleeping so I'm going to take the time while he has his beauty rest for my own 'beauty routine'... going to the gym!

Yesterday, Jenna touched on beauty, and how sometimes we lose sight of the true beauty we all have. Personally, I definitely have days when I feel less-than-beautiful, but going to the gym really works. Not pushing myself too hard or anything, but releasing any pent up tension and strengthening my body really strengthens my soul. Strength training does this for me, as does long, steady cardio. Yoga does the same. I feel powerful and that makes me feel more beautiful than anything!

Today my power-fuel was my favorite yogurt bowl- 1 0% chobani with a sliced banana, 1/4 c slivered almonds, and a sweet dollop of Bonne Maman!

Last night I packed up some snacks for the road, it's about a 7 hour drive so we're bound to get hungry!!
(hers) kashi crackers, TJ's trail mix, clif bars, kashi bars, apples
(his) swedish fish, ritz pb crackers, cheez-its [he eats healthy, but he does love the snacks! boys... ]

When I get back I plan on adding some cottage cheese, sliced veggies, grapes, and string cheese to the cooler for the both of us. Lots of water and Powerade Zero packed as well!

I'm off to the gym, have a wonderful weekend, again, and see you on Monday!

I would LOVE it if I retuned to some comments...
What makes you feel most beautiful?

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