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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stuffed up

Evening all! I am one tired girl, still not feeling too hot so I'll make this a quick one!

I had a nice night with the fam, and last day with Nick- as planned, we packed up a bunch of my stuff and headed over to my parents house to cook. I had a mini lunch/snack in the afternoon- some leftover sushi and a nectarine.

Dinner was really yummy- I made another Cooking Light recipe, Almond stuffed chicken with olive oil herbed couscous and blanched green beans.

YUM! I ate it all, aside from a couple bites of chicken I gave to the boy, and I had a glass of vino as well!

Tomorrow I have a very exciting day planned with my Dad and Uncle- we're going up to Boston for one of our favorite band's St Patty's Day concert- The Dropkick Murphys! We went to their show last year, and it kicked ass so I'm hoping this year will be just as good!


VeggieGirl said...

Great night!!

Um, you definitely should have received the package before this weekend - please check, since I'm worried.

Kristin said...

Hey, I still haven't received it- I tried calling my post office yesterday and they were CLOSED!! They're closed today as well, I guess I'll check tomorrow and if they don't come I'll call them again. I hope they're still good, I was so excited for them!

VeggieGirl said...

They are still good, no worries - but PLEASE freeze them to make them last longer.