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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Comfort food

Hey guys,
First off, THANK YOU for all your support on yesterday’s angry post. That little angry bit last week didn’t hold a candle to the news I got yesterday. And without going into it too much (this is the internet after all), I may not see my boyfriend in person for a while. He’s pretty much stuck at home, and I’m pretty much stuck here, 11 hours away, missing him and trying (currently failing) to stay calm through this whole situation. I’ll keep you updated on how the current ordeal affects me directly, but other than that I’m going to keep it at that. I'm glad I have all of your support, it’s much appreciated and you all make me so grateful I have such great blog-friends like you!!

So the day was filled with comfort foods. All tasty, but my meals overall were not the most balanced.
Nick called me and gave me the disappointing news early on, so it pretty much put a downer on my whole day.

I ate throughout the day, at first I wasn’t hungry, but I went out to lunch with Eric and managed to down a whole chicken-broccoli-mozzarella calzone and a small ice cream, without feeling either hungry nor full.

Later in the day I had a couple cookies and a bite of sample pasta salad at Natural Foods, but no real snack.

The only things I was really craving were lemonade and licorice which I had a good amount of throughout the day as well.

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with reading my new book and cooking (I went out to eat but made my sister dinner)

My friend Katrina was awesome throughout the day, calling and texting me to make me feel better, and she took me out to dinner- she was telling me how great Applebee’s chicken was, so she treated me to a chicken-filled feast to help me feel a bit better. We started with boneless buffalo wings; I had 4 and a piece of celery.

For our entrees, she suggested the 4-cheese chicken penne. I had a tiny bite of the bread, but it wasn’t too appealing, and I ate all the chicken and about 1/3 of the pasta.

Afterwards I came home, finally full, and read a little before bed.
Today I am back to my usual healthy eating; I don’t feel the best after yesterday’s comfort food fest, but it could also be the gaping hole in my heart that’s making me feel less than stellar…

BUT I am going to try and go for a run, keep my head up high and have a good couple of days off before another 3-day-in-a-row workfest. Then I just might be taking a road trip this weekend. We’ll see.

I started out with a cold bowl of cereal. 1 cup Kashi U, 5 sliced strawberries, a sliced banana and a cup of nonfat soy milk.

I'm in Narragansett today, it doesn't feel right to be in Newport without Nick. So I'm planning on some exercise in the morning, and then this afternoon I'm going out to coffee with my best friend Danielle, who I haven't seen in far too long!! Gotta keep on truckin', as sad and angry as I am.

I hope your weekend is going far better than mine is!!

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