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Monday, May 11, 2009

End of relaxation

Evening everyone!

My relaxing day off is finally coming to a close, which means I am in for a busy next few days! At least I ended it with a delicious meal, and a sweet treat =)

I went for a walk in the afternoon, and then headed to Natural Foods to grab a Kombucha because my stomach was bothering me.

Worked like a charm! Bethenny Frankel, the author of Naturally Thin drinks  one every day, so I figured it was fair game in the challenge =) 

I also snacked on the other half of my muffin, but that was it. I was sure I was going to be hungry. But turns out, I wasn't. So I didn't eat again until dinner. 

Dinner was absolutely fantastic, if I do say so myself. Actually, I must give the credit to Bethenny, because two of the recipes were hers, from Naturally Thin. 
Goat cheese-stuffed chicken with sundried tomatoes, spicy roasted broccoli (with bell peppers), and my own buttermilk-mashed red skin potatoes. 

I ate all of the chicken and the veggies and half the potatoes.

A couple hours later, I was craving something sweet, so I had a small cup of Maine Blueberry Frozen Yogurt... and a taste of a leftover cupcake. 

Without further ado...
Day 1 Recap

So today went well. I learned some things about myself:
  • I eat when I'm not hungry. This is something I didn't think I did, then I realized I've gotten into the habit of snacking, "just because!" 
  • I finish the food on my plate, just because it's there. Tonight I didn't finished my mashed potatoes. Why? Because I wasn't hungry anymore! 
  • I need something sweet every day. If I deny myself, I'll overindulge. Tonight I wanted some frozen yogurt, so I had a bit. And I wanted the leftover cupcake. But did I really want frozen yogurt AND a cupcake two days in a row? No. It's all about balance, and that wouldn't be balanced. So I had a small ramekin of frozen yogurt, and a tiny bite of the cupcake- which Nick ate the rest of (he spent all day lifting 100-lb sails, so he deserves a treat)
Food-wise, I accomplished most of my goals: 
  • One protein-meal, two carb meals (or a balanced meal)
  • Two fruits (in the a.m.)
  • Lots of veggies!
  • I had about 3 "fats"- which isn't bad because they were all healthy; nuts, avocado and olive oil 
  • 2 sweets (muffin and froyo)
  • 2 snacks (I used the muffin as 1, it was just split, then the froyo)
  • 2 beverages (2 servings in the Kombucha) plus 6-8 glasses of water (I had 6)
  • 1/2 exceptions- a bite of Nick's cupcake. 
So Day 1 went well, as you can tell! I really am liking this non-diet, it makes me think a lot about WHY I'm eating (or not), and I feel like I'm savoring my food more, which makes it all the better! Onto day two, I'm feeling Naturally Thin already! 

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*Andrea* said...

ah ok i always finish the food on my plate too.. even if i'm full! i need to work on this.. the book sounds inspirational