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Monday, August 17, 2009

Never again?

Never again, I'd told myself. I read the books. I browsed the nutrition facts. I watched Supersize Me.

Never again, I told myself, would I eat at a fast food restaurant.

But what happens when your ONLY OPTION is fast food??
Well, when the going gets tough...

Yep, that's right kids. I ate fast food. At McDonalds nonetheless!

But no worries, I didn't splurge on a burger and fries- I made a fairly sensible choice and I know ill make up for it later with healthier choices. We were on the highway and it was the LAST stop for hours and we were already we knew we had to stop.

At first I considered the fruit n yogurt parfait, clearly the healthiest menu choice. But at only 200 calories and a LOT of sugar in both the yogurt and the granola, I knew it wouldn't hold me until lunch.

Plus I had already snacked on a banana and some granola earlier in the a.m.
So I chose the Egg Mcmuffin, which is an egg (yes, a real egg! I was surprised too.) With cheese and ham on an english muffin. Clocks in at 300 calories, 12 g fat. So I figured it was alright- the mix of carbs and protein would hold me over better than the sugary parfait.

It was alright. Nothing gourmet (obviously) but both my dad and I admitted they were not as greasy as we had expected. And I took the ham off to make it a healthier choice as well.

So there you have it- travleing, even nutrition majors have Mickey D's every once in a while!

Back to the road...


Janetha said...

haha, i love your confession of sorts. hey, sometimes these things happen!!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think fast food is that bad anymore...Once in a while, even fries is ok, as long as you eat healthy most of the time. If I'm gonna splurge, might as well go for the good thing!
Though, I do love my EggMcMuffin too! Thank god the healthy options are also mighty tasty!