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Sunday, August 16, 2009

On and off

Afternoon everyone!

I'm sorry it took me so long to get yesterday's pictures up- we were out and about this morning and then my internet was on-and-off for unknown reasons... now I'm finally able to blog! 

Yesterday was a gorgeous, fun-filled day. In the morning I went for a 30-minute run, then a 30-minute walk, and had a beautiful and delicious breakfast to start my day. 
0% chobani with  peach, banana, blueberries and slivered almonds 

I had this bar on the train on the way to Boston- 
Love the salty-sweet combo! I'm lucky enough to live about an hour away from Boston on the train, so tickets are only $8 and we got to leave late morning instead of early like we do for New York!

We were starving by the time we got to Boston so we went to one of my favorite eateries on Newbury street- The Otherside Cafe for lunch. The sandwich I got popped out at me on the menu it looked so delicious!
Prosciutto, fresh mozarella, roasted red peppers and onions with pesto on foccacia bread, with a side salad instead of the chips. I ate 3/4 of the sandwich and 1/2 the salad with fork dips of dressing. 

We shopped around all afternoon until taking a much-needed froyo break. It was HOT out! 
So J.P. Licks it was... 

I was disappointed they didn't have the chocolate chip cookie soft serve froyo I wanted, but I settled for oatmeal cookie hard frozen yogurt in a waffle cone instead. Hit the spot! 

We shopped some more and I got a few back-to-college basics (jeans, button down, hat, scarf) and even though we weren't terribly hungry for dinner we stopped before we headed back on the T to the train.

We ate at b.good on Newbury for healthy "fast food". I got the b.good burger:
Turkey burger, caramelized onions, garlicky greens, mushrooms and steak sauce

And the three of us shared these babies... 
Baked, not fried, sweet potato fries! I ate my fair share =)

We got home late so I hit the sack as soon as we got back. This morning I got up for another 30-minute run and 30-minute walk. Then Peko and I went up the street to the Coffee & Bagel Connection for breakfast- we got fresh bagels!
Honey wheat bagel with a smear of light cream cheese, iced coffee with skim milk 

Mid morning I grabbed some grapes to take in the car with me as we drove Peko to the bus station =(
It was a sad goodbye because I had such a great time with her these last few days (and the whole summer!!) but I am planning on taking a trip to England to go see her next spring =) 

On the way back from Providence, my dad and I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some essentials for our trip (fruit, snacks) and we had lunch from the salad bar- a little bit of everything! 
Now I need to get a move on packing my stuff because we're leaving at 4 am tomorrow to assure we're in Canada as soon as possible!

Dinner will be an easy one, but I'll post it nonetheless. 


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Janetha said...

wow boston looks like it has some amazing eats and treats! i would like to go there some day. have fun in canada!!