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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sushi and Ice Cream

Mango on sushi and hummus on pita 
laughing with friends and beautiful photographs
Big waffle cones filled with home made ice cream 
These are a few of my favorite things... 

Today was such a great day! 
I have to keep this post short and sweet because my guest is waiting for me downstairs, but all in all we had a fab day!

I picked Peko up around noontime, and we headed back home to make a fresh and healthy lunch!
I used ingredients I had picked up at the store yesterday to make a pita sandwich: 
Hummus, Organic spinach, sprouts, mushrooms and tomatoes and Annie's honey mustard on an Ezekiel Pita with some grapes on the side 

Peko made a dipping plate she wanted me to share (isn't her presentation great? She wants to work on her presentation when shes with me but I think she's doing well already!)
We hung around and did some shopping in the afternoon (I got new Neutrogena mascara!) and then headed to my favorite sushi place, Kabuki

We started with Calamari with Oriental dipping sauces: 

Then we ordered two specialty rolls to share: 

The Angry dragon
Fugi Apple with Mango and Lobster
They were both good, but the dragon FAR surpassed the apple roll! 

We were planning on dessert there, but they didn't have what we wanted, so we decided on Brickley's instead!
I got the Bing Cherry and Cookie dough in a HUGE waffle cone 
That was a small?!?!

Yes, it was an indulgence. But I did very well all day long so a bit of a treat can't hurt, and it's still my vacation until the 30th anyway- as long as I keep with moderation I should be ok =)

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Janetha said...

omg that sushi! to die for. mango on sushi sounds great, ive never tried that. hmm come to think of it i have never had any fruit in sushi! and i havent seen ezekiel pitas~i love the wraps, ill keep my eye out for the pitas. have fun with your friend! i love your little song at the beginning :)