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Friday, April 4, 2008


That's the word my Mom used to describe the AMAZING Vegan carrot cake cupcakes I made tonight. I saw them on Happy Herbivore's blog a while back, and immediately put them on my list of "to bakes". Well, the way Jenna raved about them the other night I knew I HAD to try them myself!
These were the best carrot cake cupcakes I have EVER tasted! Best carrot cake, hands down. Even the batter was delicious, I licked the spoon clean! I added walnuts for extra omega 3s =) And the frosting... oh, my goodness the frosting was to die for! I licked WAY too much of it, but you know what? It was totally worth it. THE.BEST.EVER. Not kidding. Thank you soooo much Lindsay, you made my Friday night so much better!

My mom and sister LOVED them as well, I can't wait until my dad tries them, and I think I'm going to bring a couple to my grandparents tomorrow, as well as save another for myself for a sweet treat later this weekend =)

My cupcake:

Tomorrow I'm probably going to exercise in the morning, then I'm off to lunch with my friend Katrina, and then I have a yummy dinner as well as an ED & BV baking adventure planned! That and some Nutrition Exam studying, but it'll all fit =)
Have a great Friday night, I know I did!


hk said...

wow, hearing about these from Jenna and now's a must bake!! look amazing :)

Happy Herbivore! said...