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Friday, May 23, 2008

Better than Mickey D's

These are chicken nuggets like you've never seen them before... tonight for dinner I made my family and myself Happy Herbivore's Crispy Chickenless Nuggets from her upcoming cookbook. WOW, were they delicious! I served them alongside some fresh steamed green beans, that were fantastic, in Lindsay's Savory Herb Sauce. This was a great combo! dipped the nuggets in a little ketchup, and oh my do they beat any other chickenless nugget I've had by a long shot! I had 4 big nuggets and a bunch of green beans, but I was super hungry, and they were sooo good I actually served myself one more tiny nugget and a few more green beans. Then I was satisfied!

Second helping:

This afternoon I snacked on an odwalla chocowalla bar and some grapes on my way to get my hair done.

I got some pretty blond hilights and a slight trim so my hair will be nice and easy to do for the summer. Afterwards I stopped by the health food door next door, picked up a few larabars, some dried cherries for swiss oats, more vegan chocolate chips, and a couple other items for meals later this week.

I'm pretty full from dinner, but my sister got a package from her friend today- dark chocolate covered strawberries, and she asked me if I'd like a few, so I might have some as a treat later! I'm also baking my friend some brownies for his birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately I couldn't find an easy enough vegan recipe, but they are very healthy, no butter or oil! I'll post some pics later.


Anonymous said...

Mmm those nuggets look delicious!
As do the chocolate covered strawberries, mmmmm.

I got my hair highlighted and trimmed today too!

Happy Herbivore! said...

Don't you just love how those two dishes go together so amazing well? its its a total healthy dinner but its feel naughty!

your nuggets came out beautifully!