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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burgers and Baked goods

This afternoon I got so caught up in organizing my cookbooks on my bookshelf (I have quite a collection now, soon I'll have a full library!) I lost track of time and almost didn't even have enough time to work out before work! I've got to get back to my morning runs. Luckily I had just enough time for a warm 4 mile run around my neighborhood, after which I snacked on a brown rice cake with some almond butter and raspberry preserves and a crisp pink lady apple while preparing my dinner for work.

Tonight I brought a vegan soy burger (morningstar grillers) topped with a slice of galaxy vegan cheese and a squirt of honey mustard and ketchup on a whole wheat english muffin. On the side I had some seasoned steamed broccoli and carrots. This filled me up much better than the last time I brought a "burger" to work- must have been the "cheese"!

When I got back home my sweet tooth hit, and I had the last of the double chocolate walnut vegan cookies I bought at Whole Foods (my absolute favorite store-made, for sure!) and some strawberries.

I'll have to bake some more late-night treats this weekend, because work is finally giving me hours, so I'll be pretty busy running around the next couple of weeks! Thats ok with me, I am in serious need of some money to save for Italy, which is only just over a month away!

Tomorrow I'm getting up early to go to Pilates with my Mom, then I might take a trip up to target for a few things on my day off. I'm a little nervous about pilates- I've been doing yoga, but haven't done pilates in a couple years- I'm not sure if my body is ready for it! I guess we'll see, should be an experience!

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