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Friday, May 9, 2008

Fat no more!

For baking tonight I went with the most delicious, chewy fat-free Rockin' Oatmeal Cookie I have ever eaten- a test recipe for Happy Herbivore! Who needs fat, eggs or dairy to make scrumptious cookies? Not me!

To continue on the creamy theme this evening, I made a creme filling to turn these bad boys into Phat Debbies. They were a hit, my parents loooooved them! The perfect treat to end my first night home!

I decided to just take a break off from exercising today. I am super super tired, and I feel like my body just needs a night of rest. I'll be hitting the road or on the treadmill tomorrow for sure!

Now, it's time to relax on my cozy futon in my lovely (although quite messy from moving!) room. Ahhh, feels good to be back.


hk said...

hurray for phat debbies, I'm so glad they were a hit!

ChickPea said...

How do you make your creme filling? Those Phat Debbies look great!

Kristin said...

I can't reveal, it's a tester for Lindsay, the Happy Herbivore- she's writing a cookbook, and let me tell you- all of her recipes have been fabulous! You're going to have to wait until it comes out, but you won't be diasppointed! Yum!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Isn't it awesome being a HH tester?!