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Friday, May 9, 2008

The creamier the better

How good does this look??

When I was younger, I was always attracted to pasta dishes with rich, creamy sauces... the unhealthiest sort, of course!
They were always tasty, but I was always left feeling very stuffed and bloated after eating them.
As I grew more knowledgeable about nutrition I shyed away from creamy sauces, knowing the heavy toppings were not the best for my heart or waistline. But, I still craved the velvety sauces from time to time, so imagine my excitement when I came upon Happy Herbivore's recipe for Vegan Alfredo!
This sauce was smooth, creamy and delicious with the wonderful taste of nooch and just a bit of tang from the pepper and cayenne. Yum! Extremely satisfying, and didn't weigh me down at all! My family enjoyed it very much!
We had our "alfredo" sauce over whole wheat bowties mixed with peas, and a side of roasted asparagus (roasted with EVOO, s&p) It was an incredibly delectable dinner, and very simple to make!
It feels so nice to be back in the kitchen!

Before preparing dinner, I was craving fruit so I had a small bowl of grapes to hold me over:

Now I'm about to go embark on a fun tester baking recipe, pictures to come!!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, vegan alfredo!

Looks fantastic!