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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finish line food

This morning I had my standard race mini-breakfast, a mini bagel with 1 tbsp PB and 2 tsp raspberry preserves. I didn't get off to a good foot this moring, I was awoken abruptly and far too early, so I'm not in the best mood right now... hopefully a good race and a nice day with friends will cure that.
Last night I made my friend some "healthy" brownies, but my camera battery died so I didn't get to take any pics of the final product before I packed it all up. Almost immediately after the race today my friend is picking me up for lunch and then mini-golfing during the day to pass the time and distract him while his sister sets up his surprise birthday party!! Then I'll be there most of the night.

I have NO idea what the food situation will be like. We're going to Panera for lunch so I'll probably get one of my usual vegetarian favorites (I should start learning what restaurants have for vegan options!!) and then dinner who knows. I'm bringing a larabar with me, and that plus snacks might be my dinner... we'll see. I'll be back later on then!


VeggieGirl said...

Best of luck with the race!!

The black bean soup at Panera is vegan, and most of the breads are too (except for the ones with honey and cheese and all that, obviously, haha).

hk said...

Good luck!! Have fun with your friends this afternoon :)

Danielle said...

Good luck with your race! Sounds like you had quite the busy day, hope you had fun!