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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Caffeine, please!

I try not to rely on coffee and other caffeinated beverages to keep me going (aside from the occasional soy latte pep-me-up)... I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning and thats it. But today, I definately feel like I need the caffeine!

Yesterday I spent all day and all night with my friends! It was quite the busy day. I raced in the morning and although it wasn't my best time, it was the toughest course I've done all season so I still felt I did pretty well- I came in #26 overall. Immediately after the race I had my favorite post-race snack, a juicy orange, and then a while after I had a peach soy yogurt and a couple strawberries to hold me until lunch.

For lunch I went to Panera Bread with my friends, where they didn't have the black bean soup as I had hoped (all out) but the did have the Medditeranean Veggie which I also love (it's vegetarian, not vegan). After we ate we also shared a couple small pieces of the no-pudge brownies I made Eric for his birthday, which he loved!

(times two!)

After lunch, I hung out with my friends a bit, we just wanted a low key day, so we walked around the mall a bit, went back to my friend's house and played some games, it was a good time! Then, my friend Danielle texted me asking if we'd come visit her at work. This is where my eating habits went a little haywire. It is insisted, every time I go into the Podhead, that I get gelato. And since gelato is one of my favorite things, it's pretty hard to refuse. But yesterday, since I had just eaten a fairly big lunch as well as a couple small brownies, I didn't want another big treat. Danielle made me something anyway- a little taste, half the size of a regular, three tiny scoops of sorbetto- mango, berry and coconut. It was definately another treat, but hit the spot in a light way.

The party plans got a little backed up when not everyone showed up when they were supposed to, so we sat and talked at the Podhead to kill time, and eventually headed down to Eric's house where everyone was waiting. He was so surprised, it was great! We had a really fun time, overall. I met a lot of his friends and his sister's friends, so it was nice =). There was some food for me to eat- not much, but something. For dinner I had a couple squares of cheeseless pizza and some tortilla chips with salsa... and yes, I did have two mini cupcakes and a taste of some ice cream cake. ...and a few mini pieces of candy from the pinata. So, I know it was not the best day of eating, for sure. But I'm back on track today, eating much healthier and putting yesterday's fun filled splurges behind me.

Onto today! I had a big breakfast this morning, because I'm heading to work and know I won't be able to eat for a good few hours. So, I had 2 cups of Kashi Go Lean (honey almond flax) with a few bluberries and a cup of hemp milk. I also had a few big strawberries on the side for some extra fruit. Filled me up well, lets just hope it holds me!!

Off to work now, I packed a simple lunch and snack, so I'll be back to post those later!

NOTE: I have to get going to work, so pics will be posted later tonight!!

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