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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jalapeno Craziness!

Well, after almost burning my eye off I can now post about how fabulous my dinner was tonight! I was quite messy with the prep work for this meal, and was so hungry when everything was all ready to be eaten I forgot to wash my hands before digging into my quesadilla. During eating I had an itch on my eye, and when I went to go scratch it I ended up rubbing jalapeno "juices" all over my eye! OUCH! What a burn, let me tell you... luckily a little lemon juice did the trick. (Just don't get that in your eye... whew ! That would be a stinger as well!)

Anyways, I still fully enjoyed my delicious dinner, another Happy Herbivore tester- Pinata Quesadillas with jalapeno "cheeze"! This cheeze is amazing, the best faux cheese I've made so far, I am definately using leftovers asap! I had one big quesadilla, with some red pepper slices on the side. I was pretty full, but my mom and I loved them so much we decided to split a second one! I also had a few more slices of pepper. So I had 1 1/2 quesadillas, and about 1/2 a red pepper. A spicy, yummy, perfectly filling dinner! Another hit from Lindsay, the herbivore who makes me VERY happy!!

Inside shot:

(Theres a lot more beans and "cheeze" in there, it just all got squished together!)

I am in the baking mood tonight, so I'm thinking of making some cookies! Should be fun, as always =)


eleanor said...

Mmmmmm, what's the blue stuff in the quesadilla? blue corn meal? looks yummy!!

Happy Herbivore! said...

Your quesa looks divine! your purple potatoes came out so blue! I love it. I'm really glad you liked this recipe and the cheeze. I'm such a PIG I had two of these suckers on my own when I made them the first time and then had another one a few hours later because I had no self-control (its a good thing I'm writing a fat freecookbook right or we'd all be in trouble!)


Kristin said...

Eleanor, They're actually purple potatoes, but they came out blue! ha! Still yummy though =)

Lindsay, I definately could have eaten more, but I overstuffed my first 1 1/2, so I was full!! These are AWESOME!