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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lunch for a Goddess

This morning I got so caught up in unpacking and organizing my room, I didn't even realize it was already almost noon, I was getting hungry again and I hadn't even run! So, I decided to make my Mom and myself some lunch, and go for a run later on this afternoon. It's nice enough now I think I'll be going outside!!
For lunch, I put together Goddess Garbanzos from ED&BV. How delicious are they? Mmmm! The greatest dressing in the universe (Annie's Goddess of course!), chickpeas, apples and celery for crunch... a truly great sandwich. I stuffed our portions into 1/2 large whole wheat pitas (from Whole Foods) with some spinach leaves, and we had some carrots and grapes on the side. It was a really great lunch, tasty, super flavorful and perfectly filling but not too much!

It has been taking me soooo long to go through my room/closet to have enough room to fit all my dorm stuff back into my room. I'm up to my knees in clothes and books, it will definately be my project for the week! At least I've found some "new again" summer clothes for when it gets warmer, thats always exciting!

I'll try and post my afternoon snack before we head out to dinner, if not, I'll be back later!
I hope you're all spending quality time with your Moms on this beautiful day =)


VeggieGirl said...

Love the title of your blog post :0) Those Goddess Garbanzos ARE fabulous!! Definitely a winning recipe from ED&BV, for sure.

Ahh yes, packing and unpacking can be a bit overwhelming (I'm glad I don't live in a dorm anymore, because I hated that process of moving everything in and out, haha).

hk said...

happy mother's day with your mom, have fun and good luck unpacking, that's my next "chore" too...should take me a good long time, ha! have a nice dinner out :)