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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Out and About

Wow, was today an eventful day! I ran on the treadmill in the morning for 35 minutes at a 6% incline (it was very rainy out) and later in the morning my Mom and I headed to Whole Foods for a GIANT trip! We picked up enough stuff to last us a long time, and I'm so excited about all the new recipe options I have now! The list would be way too long to post, but basically we got: some fresh fruits and veggies, some canned beans (on sale!), my fave brown rice cakes, my fave tangy bbq sauce, some kind bars, vanilla hemp and unsweetened soy milk, vegan cheese and soy yogurt, tofu dogs, italian deli tofurky, sunshine burgers, hemp bagels, ezekiel tortillas and english muffins, whole wheat pitas, lots and lots of peanut butter, and a whole bunch of bulk items! I also picked up some vegan double chocolate cookies to try. Yum!

For lunch we grabbed food at the salad bar, I made a big salad in the middle with some greens, tomatoes, pepper, artichoke hearts and cucumber with a bit of red wine vinegar, and around the outside I got a few different grilled veggies&fruit (squash, mushrooms, pineapple), some sesame broccoli and cauliflower, some mango tofu and some mediterranean tofu, and a couple pieces of tempeh. It was perfectly filling, I finished everything but 1/2 the meditteranean tofu.

We shopped and shopped, and afterwards we headed to borders for a quick trip, where I treated myself to Veganomicon! I'm so excited, I've wanted it for sooo long! After being done with finals, I think I deserve a treat =)
I went to work after shopping, and snacked on a plum and some almonds on the way to work.

It was a pretty lazy night- not too many customers, or problems for that matter. I brought my supervisor, Erica, some of last night's Rockin' Oatmeal cookies, and she was very grateful!
For dinner I heated up some food I picked up at the Whole Food's deli- a Vegan Roast (stuffed with rice stuffing) and some sauteed broccolini. Both were delicious, as I expected from Whole Foods!

When I got home, I was craving cookies myself, so I made myself another Phat Debbie with a bit of the leftover creme, and a few strawberries for my night time snack.

I think I'm going to go drool over some more Veganomicon recipes... my kind of Saturday night!!


VeggieGirl said...

can't go wrong with a trip to Whole Foods!! glad you picked up some hemp bagels - I eat them almost everyday; they're fabulous!!

Danielle said...

what a fun day! (and yummy too). please let me know how veganomicon is! i've been dying to purchase a vegan cookbook, i just don't know where to start!

hk said...

Your WF salad looks like a fantastic combo of yummy tastes :) glad it was a good saturday!