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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ready for the end

Boy oh boy am I ready for the end of exams. I am wiped. Definately done, at least for the day.
After packing up some more of my stuff to take home this morning (I have no idea how I accumulated so much in only 9 months!), I headed to Starbucks to do some major studying. While I was there they happened to be having a meeting behind my table. To apologize for the disturbance, they gave me a free drink ticket and a sample of their new iced hot chocolate in an adorable mini cup.

It was very tasty, but definately not a healthy treat, considering there was a layer of whipped cream on the top. At least it was a tiny treat (and how could I refuse chocolate??)
Later, I snacked on some grapes and mixed nuts to hold me until my break at work.

I ate all my meals & snack early today, so I was hungry for dinner sooner than usual tonight. Luckily Kyle was nice enough to let me take my break before him, so I didn't have to go crazy over my growling stomach!
For dinner I made a simple work dinner I put together with some food I had left in the dorm. I had a Morningstar farms Grillers vegan burger wh some ketchup and honey mustard on a whole wheat english muffin. On the side I had some frozen spinach I cooked and seasoned with a bit of margarine, garlic and a few squirts of lemon juice for flavor.

It was quick and filling, but I was definately hungry a couple hours later. When I got home I had another of my Erin Baker's breakfast cookies- Mocha Cappuccino flavor- I really liked this one! I was craving fruit, so I also had 1/2 a grapefruit on the side.

I stayed back at my parents' house tonight, I don't have an exam tomorrow so theres really no sense in staying on campus with nothin' to do.
Tomorrow's not looking like the nicest day, so I'll probably run on the treadmill in the morning before I have lunch with my Mom and have another study session at Starbucks before work.
I am going to be so glad to be done with all of this on Thursday!! It is exhausting! My brain is shot, time for bed.


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