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Monday, May 5, 2008

Two down, two to go

Well how about that, day one of exams is over and I'm already halfway through. Not a bad feeling! Of course, the worst is yet to come, but at least today went well.
My first exam at 11:30 went by super-quick, I felt pretty confident leaving there, especially after finding out I have a 96% average in Kinesiology so far, I hope the exam keeps it that way!
Afterwards I studied at the Rhody Market for a while, and ate my lunch in between.
I had a tofurkey sandwich on two slices Rudi's honey sweet whole wheat bread, with some dijon mustard, spinach and cucumber slices. On the side I had a baggie of baby carrots and snow peas, and some grapes.

This was a super satisfying lunch, and held me well through my nutrition exam.
My nutrition exam was a little longer; 115 questions (as opposed to the 50 on my Kin. exam) so it took me just over an hour to complete. I felt pretty good about this one as well, although there were a couple tricky questions I had to guess on... that doesn't normally happen to me in nutrition! Hopefully it was only those few I got wrong, and the rest will even out.
Afterwards, my stomach was growling so I treated myself to a Freshens smoothie (All that Razz flavor- raspberries and strawberries, tasty!) before doing a bit of shopping at the Corner Store. I have so many dining dollars left, so I spent them on some more rolled oats, a couple different types of Organic Granola, a couple of my favorite "Honest" teas, and some vanilla soy milk. And I STILL have a bunch left! I guess I'll have to take another trip to the organic aisle before I head home.

Now I'm just going to relax a bit, it's a nice sunny day out- I'm going to wait a while to study because even though I got out early, I am in need of some rest before jumping into more chemistry!

I'll be back for dinner!


VeggieGirl said...

delicious lunch & smoothie you got there! yum!

best of luck with the rest of your exams!! ahh, it'll be fabulous when this week is over :0)

Jill said...

Just found your link off of Lindsay's page! I love freshens, they rock! You will be seeing comments from me, bwahaha!