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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tonight yoga was absolutely fantastic. We got there right on time, but I was a little angry when I got there because I left my debit card at home and could not purchase the meditation cd I wanted to take with me on my trip. Well, when I got into class I was amazed to find out my incredible instructor and amazing singer, Margaret, set out some free 10 minute meditation cds for us to take! So I got my meditation cd after all.
Tonight we meditated on the earth, focusing on our auras and letting out all tensions and toxins. We danced, we relaxed, we stretched, we meditated with apples... it was one of the most amazing classed I have ever taken. Everything I wanted, needed and more. We finished the class with some fresh strawberries, to celebrate the strawberry full moon tonight! I had two big strawberries and they were delicious!
When I left the studio it was raining, but a nice, fresh summery drizzle that made me smile and appreciate the warmth of the summer and the smell of the cool refreshing rain. Such a wonderful night.
When arriving back home, I decided to split one of my favorite Alternative Baking Co. cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, with my mom for my night time treat. It was the perfect chewy treat to end a relaxing night.
I'm definately staying in; I'm much to calm to get in a car and drive around! Tomorrow will be a busy day, but I feel very ready for it now!

Oh, and on top of everything else incredible happening- I found out they are having a FREE yoga class on Sunday I can go to, one more class before I leave! Today seems so perfect, and I'm just so glad. I'm definately in a great mood now!
I hope your night has been as fantastic as mine has!

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Simple and Divine said...

What beautiful description and detail! This post made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated right alongside with you :) Thanks so much for sharing! So lovely :)