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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why am I so hungry?

Shortly after my last post, only an hour after having a snack that usually lasts me 3 hours, I got sooo hungry! Like, really starving! My stomach was growling and everything! I was like, what is this? So strange. haha, So of course I had to have a snack. I had a mini chocolate chip clif bar, and luckily that settled my weird hunger pang.

About an hour later, although not hungry as I was before, I made dinner for my fam- one of my absolute favorite go-to quick recipes, Jenna's recipe for (vegan!) Meatless Sloppy Joes. I made a big batch for myeslf, my mom and my sister, and we had them with ezekiel sprouted grain buns and my new favorite veggie hybrid, broccoflower! I found this at the store the other day and HAD to try it. I loved it, as expected- I steamed it to just cooked, still crunchy, and ate every last bite of my big serving.

I ate all of my large portion of sloppy joes, as well and what do you know... I was STUFFED after! Normally I don't particularly like the 'stuffed' feeling, but after being so hungry earlier it felt good to be full!

I'm off to my last yoga class before I leave for Italy, and I might go out with my friend later on tonight, depending on how I feel.
I've got another long, but fun day planned for tomorrow so I may just stay in again.

Have a great Wednesday! (Just a few more hours and it will be a week before my departure!!)

And just for giggles, Kahlua took a bath tonight!


mlchaney said...

The past two days I've been having insatiable hunger, too! I FINALLY filled up tonight with a bowl of west african peanut stew, and a whole wheat bagel with spicy mango cream cheese! Delish....

I've got to try that sloppy joe recipe!

newcitygirl said...

Hey! Quick question: where do you get your mini clif bars? I love clif bars but the big ones are a little too much to use as a snack for me! Thanks in advance!

Kristin said...

Ohmigosh west african peanut stew? That sounds fantastic! Do you have a recipe?

I get my mini clif bars at Target. I love them for a tiny bit to hold me over, with a piece of fruit to hold me longer or as a pre-workout snack! They're a great size!

VeggieGirl said...

Aww, Kahlua is a cutie :0)

Anonymous said...

Wow- Kahlua is amazing! Can't wait to see more pics in the future.

Hope you are getting excited- are you planning on continuing to blog when you leave?