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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Away I go!

To think, this is my last breakfast here in America, and that tomorrow, at breakfast time here, I will be eating lunch in Italy, is an incredible thought! Pretty much unbelievable until I get to experiance it! I've had a great month of cooking, baking and summer fun up until my departure, and now I have to get ready for a month full of learning, discovering and eating!! Being such a worrywort, of COURSE I'm nervous about the flight, but hopefully everything goes well and my next post will be coming from San Demetrio Corone!

To fuel my big day of traveling I had one of my favorite all-american wafflewiches- same way as always, 2 flaxplus waffles, 2 tbsp PB, a big banana, maple syrup and some grapes on the side. Once again, the grapes were a bit too much. I'm slightly overstuffed now, but if it holds me the morning I'm good!

For lunch today I packed Danielle (my best friend and travel companion # 1) and myself individual portions of sesame edamame corn salad from Veganomicon over bulgar wheat, along with some nectarines and soy chips as sides/snacks.
We're going to an early dinner up in Pleasantville, NY- right next to our friend Carolyn's hometown of Chappaqua, after we pick her and her mom up.
I'm glad we're going to dinner early, because with such a late flight I'm sure there won't be any full meals on board. I brought a carrot cake clif bar in case I get meal-hungry by the time we get on the plane, and some peanut butter crackers for the three of us to snack on later. I wish I could bring fruit, but they usually don't let produce on international flights. I'll just have to stock up as soon as I get to Italia!

So off I go, leaving the country for more wonderful adventures! I'll be back as soon as possible =)

Ciao, blogosphere!


hk said...

Ciao!!! I'll sooo miss your posts, bu, of course, have an incredible trip :)

VeggieGirl said...

Ahhh, have a FABULOUS trip!! Enjoy every minute of it :0)

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!

Have a safe trip!


Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you! You are going got have an amazing time, I can't wait to hear about it!

*You're going to dinner in Pleasantville, NY? I live in the next town over, haha, what a coincidence! If you were going to be around today I would've offered you some advice on restaurants... but since you're not, enjoy it! It's such an adorable little town. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you go to Jean Jacques for coffee and dessert; get a little French in before you go all out Italian ;)