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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beans and Boredom

Tonight work was exceptionally boring... most of the stock was complete by the time I got there, so there wasn't too much for me to do. Still, I had to wait a long while until my break- luckily I had a big snack before I left. I decided to spend my last half an hour before work relaxing on the bench in my yard, with my book and a big snack to hold me over- a peach soy yogurt topped with some honey roasted peanuts, and some strawberries. Just fillng enough to keep me going for a couple hours!

When I finally did get my break, the boredom just escalated... I had to complete some require training for the company on the computer in the office, so I was sitting for an hour and a quarter clicking "yes...", "yes...", "yes..." I felt so unproductive!
Ah, well- I guess it had to be done. I did get to enjoy the delicious dinner I prepared this afternoon though!
I made a batch of Veganomicon's "Cheater Baked Beans", saved two servings for myself and let my family dig in to the rest! WOW were these good! So flavorful, I loved them! I'm sure I'll make them again soon. I also cooked some short grain brown rice while the beans were in the oven- I love taking time to cook real rice instead of the instant stuff I sometimes use for convienence. These are much chewier, I think (Kath, you'd love them!). I had a cup of the rice with my beans and some micro steamed broccoli and cauliflower to round out my yummy at-work meal.

A few hours later when I got home, I was craving a cookie- so I had one of my Erin Baker's breakfast cookies for a night time snack- I love these cookies, and even though this one was not vegan (the banana walnut), the flavor was delicious! I think I might try and make my own banana walnut cookies some time... that would be a fun adventure!

Time for some shut eye, computers are exhausting! hehe

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