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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cool classics

I just had a classic, cool breakfast this morning- a big bowl of one of my favorite cereals, Nature's Path Optimum Power (it was about 1.5 cups) topped with 3/4 cup bluberrries (these were PERFECT!) and 1 cup hemp milk. Filling and perfect for a summer morning.

Today I just have usual before-work plans, running, reading... then I might cook something for the dinner, because I'm working for the next 6 days straight (then I'm done before Italy) so I won't have as much time to cook as I'd like. I think I picked out a good cookie recipe from Veganomicon to make for the dads, I just have to find time to make it! Might have to squeeze that in on Friday. I like making myself busy, otherwise I'd be bored to death!

Happy Thursday, all!

Sooo... I think I'll be posting pictures in "medium" size instead of small- what do you think?

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