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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Testing and tattoos!

Tonight was quite the eventful night! A fun one to remember, for sure!
This afternoon, I had a tasty snack of a mango/kiwi/hempmilk smoothie, that I ate outside next to my favorite blooming hibiscus flower! It felt summery and beautiful to be sitting outside in the warmth, sipping my cool drink!

For dinner, I tested one of Lindsay, the Happy Herbivore's cookbook recipes, Vegetable Casserole. We also had some faux chik'n marinated in a light balsamic dijon sauce for some extra protein. It was a great dinner, very filling and perfect to hold me through the night's adventures...

So here's what I've been excited about all day...

I brought my mom to Black Lotus to get her first tattoo! She got a pretty sun, and I got a new tattoo as well, in honor of my Dad for father's day. It says "I'm not afraid of life", which is the name of a Ramones song- one of my alltime favorite bands, who my dad introduced me to when I was young. They're his favorite, and we always joked that I wouldn't get a Ramones tattoo before he did. Well, I did! Now it's his turn =)

Here's my mom's gorgeous sun:

And my phrase wrapped around my ankle:

It was fun time! The artist, Matt, was really cool- he definately kept me calm, and I hardly felt it at all! My mom said hers hurt though. I guess it's all a matter of opinion!
Afterwards, we picked up my sister, and I treated the two of them to some gelato from the Podhead, because I was so proud of my mom for being so calm and cool during the whole thing!
I had mocha chip and strawberry lemon sorbetto...

the BEST way to end a warm summer's night!

I'm tired though, so I'll definately be going to bed soon!
I'll be back in the morning!


VeggieGirl said...

Nice tattoo!!

Danielle said...

oohhh a tattoos! thats so fun :) i wish i had the courage! looks like you had a fun night and i love your new one, it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Awesome tattoo... that is so neat that your mom + you went together, sounds like a fun "bonding" day!