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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crunchy Combo

Peanut butter, hemp milk, and bananas. A trio I could most definately live off of.
This breakfast was SO deliciously satisfying, it's definately one of my new favorites. I combined a cup of PB granola with 1/2 cup PB puffins, topped it with a big sliced banana and a cup of hemp milk. Peanut buttery perfection.

All I have to say about this is yummm... who new a cereal combo could make me smile this much??

So I recently found out I have to meet up with my cousins much earlier than I had thought, so I'm hoping the place I wanted to go to is open- if not, it will be Panera for me as well! I'm going to try to get some stuff done and go on an early run this morning before I head out. I'm really glad I have the day off- it seems like I have so much going on, every day up until I have to go!

My crazy agenda:
-Finalize packing list
-Find carry-on bag
-Go for run
-Pick up lunches
-Bring lunches to school
-Meet up with Alex, See some teachers
-Stop by grocery store
-Home, make dinner
-Yoga or meeting up with best friend after work.

Nonstop, all day! Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday are no different! Sunday I have some time to relax, I think- but the day will be spent packing!

Busy, busy girl!

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Vegan On Stage said...

I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG!!! but im certainly glad I did!!!