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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Decadent Dinner for One

You'd think after being out in the sun all day...

One would have had enough of the heat and want to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. Not I!

This afternoon, I made the first half of my dad's ice cream cake- look how yummy it looks so far!

(Yes, I did a good bit of cookie-nibbling while making this!)

Then, I decided to sun outside on my lawn, while studying a bit of Italian and reading a Nicholas Sparks novel (I'm usually not much of a mushy-romantic fan, but I just love his books!).
I snacked on an apple and some graham sticks, and sipped on some iced green tea while I layed out.

Once I had enough of the sun, I went right back into the kitchen, where I spent my evening cooking up a huge, delicious decadent dinner- for myself! I had so much time on my hands, I decided to make three things I had been wanting to try- two new ED&BV recipes, and I used Happy Herbivore's idea for Oven-Grilled Veggies.
I made Dreena's Coconut Lime Basmati Rice, which was sooo good- ohmigosh, I'm addicted! I decided to make the full recipe (4 servings) and leave some for the fam:

I also made Orange Sesame Tofu, which was equally as incredible! Sooo much flavor, I love love loved it! Definately making this one again. I poured some of the marinade on top after it baked and topped it with green onion and sesame seeds. Can you say yum??

For my veggie, my Mom had mentioned earlier she wanted summer squash, so I decided to "grill" them in the oven, and they came out awesome as well! Three thumbs up for all the amazing recipes I made tonight. This was one of the tastiest meals I've had in a while! (Aside from last night! Gosh I love cooking!)

Ok, I've got to go get ready now- my friend invited me out for a movie, and I'm kinda gross from being in the sun all day, have a nice Sunday night!

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