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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Racing for a cause

The race today was the best all season. It was hot and humid, and incredibly horrible running conditions. However, I pushed through it- and ended up beating my time from last year, finishing in 21:24 and holding my title in 2nd place in my age category. Today was a really special race, I did it for Katie and her family; and I felt really good I did so well!
After the race, I had a big orange- and as I was chowing on my orange, the woman who just passed me in the race came up to me and congratualted me on my success- and asked if I was in college. When I told her I was a sophomore at URI she told me she was the running coach there, and told me I should consider joining the team! How exciting?!? I just might think about it!

On top of getting a new purple sweatshirt for my award, we won a raffle and got some cute new bowls and spoons my mom said I could use at my new house! I love housewares =) While hanging out with my Mom, cousins (who volunteered), uncle (he walked it), and Kahlua- who came along for the ride, I had a small 1/2 cup serving of Ben and Jerry's ice cream they had... I know it's dairy, but on such a hot day I couldn't pass it up!

After the race we stopped by the store for a couple quick groceries, my mom told me she was craving summer squash so I told her I would make her some with dinner this evening! When we finally arrived home, I was very ready for lunch- so I just heated up a big bowl of last night's leftovers (Vegan Broccoli Mac and Cheese by Lindsay), and had a nectarine on the side. Filled me up well- I was starving after such an intense run!

This afternoon I'm planning on reading some more of my book and relaxing out in the warm sun, plus preparing part 1 of my Dad's ice cream cake for tomorrow! I can't wait! I'll be back later...


VeggieGirl said...

Congratulations on placing in 2nd!! Fabulous!!

hk said...

congrats, that's a great finish! have a fun rest of the day, IT'S HOT here too :) vegan ice-cream cake sounds perfect :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...