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Monday, June 23, 2008

Home cooked lunch

This might actually be my last home-cooked meal, depending on what we decide to do for lunch tomorrow. Such a strange feeling! I can't believe I'll be without my beloved stove, santoku knife and sautee pan for the next 30 days... I'm sure I'll be eating like a queen, though!
For lunch today I used up the last box of tofu we had in the fridge, and made blackened tofu sandwiches for my mom and myself! I had 2 big pieces of blackened tofu (recipe from ED&BV)- almost 1/2 a block! On top of two slices of sprouted bread with some spinach and honey mustard. On the side I nibbled on some carrots and an apple. However by the time I finished the apple I was STUFFED and sort of regretted eating it as well. Hopefully it will last me through promotion though, so I don't get hungry when my sister gets her diploma!

I am going to be scaling down my portion sizes as soon as I arrive back from Italy- I've gained 10 pounds, and I figure the "happy pounds" I'm sure I'll gain in bread and pasta in Italy will account for the last 3- so I'll be completely healthy and back to normal by the time I start school in the fall!

I'm off to cut the brownies I made for my sis, and then get ready to see her graduate!


Danielle said...

i feel like i have so many things to tell you! (1) congratulations on practically reaching your goal weight (2) have a safe flight to italy and (3) have an absolutely fabulous time there!

i am completely loving my study abroad experience so far, i know you will too!

linds said...

Congratulations on reaching your healthy weight goal!! You must feel so awesome now :) Italy is going to be just fantastic, I'm sure you will have the most amazing time there.