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Monday, June 23, 2008

Slowly disappearing...

My stash of breakfast foods is slowly disappearing as I'm getting ready to jet off. This morning I finished the last of my granola planks- I had Blueberry Vanilla Crackle along with some vanilla soy yogurt and a nectarine. Filling and tasty, as usual!

Today my day is booked- the weather's not looking too nice, so I think I may be working out inside again... which stinks, I want all the outdoor runs I can get before I leave! That leaves 2 more possibilities... fiingers crossed!
I'm also baking some brownies in honor of my sister's promotion, and we're going out to dinner later on as well. It's a great restaurant, but there are no vegan options, unfortunately- so I'll deal with some dairy for the night (as I will have to for the next month!). Should still be a nice time though!

And, I might as well say it-
Congrats on being Promoted, Ali!!

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